Chicago Suburb DECRIMINALIZED up to 10g possession! (Link Posted)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by PaperZonly, Nov 30, 2011.

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    dude that's fucking badass. too bad i dont live in evanston.

  2. When BO goes back home he won't have to worry about getting busted...unlike the rest of us...
  3. [quote name='"jmick"']When BO goes back home he won't have to worry about getting busted...unlike the rest of us...[/quote]

    Sorry, bho lives on the south side of Chicago. Evanston is up north.
  4. MAAAAAAAAAAAAN that's so close to me, I live in glenview, and I know cook county has like <2.5g's decrimend, I wish it was 10 though that would be so baller.
  5. damn i just moved out of chicago last year. when i was there it felt like an east coast state though, you really had to look to find good buds, and look even harder for the right price.
  6. I don't think Cook County has anything decrimin. yet. They're still talking about it.

    I think the main reason Evanston did this is because they know they've got much more crime to worry about than small amounts of bud. I know they're crime rate has gone up as well as access to other drugs in that area.

    Not to mention that place is swarming with mids, probably have the best mids in the area.

    If cook county pulls through though, now we're talking.
  7. You can find no-name GOOD kush all over the place, but prices are pretty standard.

    Finding strain names or good deals is a struggle. Can't complain though as I just picked up a half for $180 of some Bubba.
  8. Dude, I'm almost positive cook county has it decriminalized up to a certain amount. I may be wrong though, waiting on someone who knows more to hop in here.
  9. Maybe it doesn't include Chicago? I don't really know, but I didn't think any amount would get you a fine, only in some suburbs.
  10. Then... how did I only get a citation? I am so baffled.
  11. Sixtraynextplz
  12. im not quite sure. It might be a unwritten rule. I know my friends aswell have also just recieved tickets.
  13. Exactly what town did you get the citation from? I've heard 1 or 2 other suburbs that do give fines, but have no idea which ones.
  14. I have no idea, Glenview is in Cook county too. Maybe some suburbs just didn't want to announce it for the publicity b.s. that comes along with it.
  15. You know that's most likely why... we have a high reputation over here, the northshore yah know.

    I got caught with 10 adderall back when I was a junior, all I got was 2 days of drug class and 1 drug test which I passed a day after smoking/taking adderall. I had to get "arrested" like I had to go into the police station at a later day. No charges on me or anything though.
  16. I just looked where Glenview is, and yea, its probably because of the area that they don't mention it. Big shopping mall, tons of doctors offices, etc etc.

    I didn't realize how close you were to me, I have a spot right off I-94 that I usually smoke at. I obviously don't want to publicly post it but we should match one of these days.

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