Chicago style hotdog

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  1. If I left the chicago area can I get a chicago hotdog? Never tried when I visit other states/countries.
  2. Maybe I can get deep dish pizza in my town in NY didn't that come from chicago
  3. i wanna know can i get a cheesesteak if i leave philly? NO! ITS BULLCRAP!!!
  4. *Ignores topic and just post personal opinion on hotdogs*

    I can only eat hotdogs that are actually hot. If they cool down at all I dont want it.. And they cant be beefy.
  5. No ketchup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I heard a Chicago dog with ketchup on it is called a Blagojevic Dog .... A blasphemy :smoke:
  7. no.

    alot of places try to imitate but its never like the real thing.

  8. One town over from me... on LI... "Not just philly" I think is the name of the place.
  9. Sonic bruh....they have chicago, new york, and some other bullshit kinda hot dogs man, never had one myself but it sounds pretty good right now lol

  10. there so gross man, not even close. they just use all regular stuff. chicago hot dogs are so delicious because of the carefully picked and assembled ingredients like the vienna beef hot dog, vienna neon green relish, s. rosens poppy seed buns etc. :yummy:

  11. Sonic's hot dogs are no where near as delicious as a Chicago dog... ive been to Chicago 2 times... once as a child with my parents, probably like 12-13 years old... and once when i was 19, because there is no fucking deep dish pizza that qualifies as legit here in CO, and ive never had a fucking hot dog so good in my life hahahahah... I went to Chicago... with some friends... literally so i could eat some food... i guess we all went because we needed a vacation, but i suggested Chicago for the edible reasons hahah
  12. i live in Southern WI and i can get a chicago dog around here. but as far as other places, i wouldn't bet on it.
  13. theres a joint called weiner circle in lincoln park

    the owners are white but the workers are black

    if you go thurs-saturday nights (after partying) it gets really rowdy

    the workers cuss out the customers and its all good fun

    if you order a chocolate milkshake, you get to see their black ass titties but it cost like 20 dollar tip

    they have a show too, its called weiner circle, reckless yo
  14. Can someone tell me everything that is on this chicago hot dog?

  15. There is whole website devoted to it. Most likely your gonna have to order alot of it though seeing your in FL.
  16. this is what i was talking about

    [ame=]So Wrong: Triumph The Dog Visit Chicago's Weiner's Circle On Conan! (Roast Session) - YouTube[/ame]
  17. [​IMG]

    Danish-style hot dogs > Chicago-style hot dogs.
  18. Haha that's fuckin great!

  19. it was on dave attells Insomniac too.

    I've actually been there a bunch of times.... then I watched a couple episodes of the show. Don't think I'll ever go back after seeing the show...

    In one of the episodes they cut a guys hair right in the middle of the restaurant... then they just leave all the guys hair on the fucking floor in the middle of the place like 3 feet away from their cooking food.

    I know it was probably fake/staged... but still.... I like my dogs minus the hair clippings.
  20. oh... and one time like 8 years ago I was there and a drunk puked right in the middle of the restaurant and it took them like 15 minutes to clean that shit up....

    they just kept trying to take orders, and telling people to walk around it and shit, while there is a big puddle of puke in the middle of the place.


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