Chicago Ordered to Hire 111 Black Firefighters

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  1. Ugh..... There is just so much wrong with this. Its another sign that we're going full circle as far as racism in this country goes.
    So basically if you're white and scoring high on the test, you're going to be denied a job in favor of hiring people based on skin color with much lower scores. How is this not racial discrimination?

    How does this level the playing field? It makes the playing field completely unfair and racist.
  2. Welcome to the United States, enjoy your stay.
  3. My father has been competing for jobs for 8 years around the country, I remember one job he applied for & got the interview, was taken by a man of different country background. I asked my father why this was when he was qualified just as much as the man with the different skin tone, he said to me "They want diversity"

    Not sure if this relates to your post, if so.. I know whatcha mean

  4. Yeah, its becoming increasingly clear that "diversity" and "progress" means getting rid of white folks.
  5. and you are not behind ron paul 100%...why again??? affirmative action is an unconstitutional power that the government has granted itself.
  6. I was a victim of affirmative action...

    racism by any other name still stinks like shit.:mad:
  7. How many of you are African American, Hispanic, or otherwise?
  8. I'm a whitey

    EDIT: Why lol?
  9. they've been doing this for awhile, and it doesn't surprise me. but the fact they are paying millions of dollars to those denied makes absolutely NO sense at all.
  10. I am otherwise? I don't see how this is relevant at all.
  11. I'm curious as to how minorities feel about the topic.
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    Affirmative action at its finest! :mad:

    If you're white you have to score 89+ to move on. If you're black all you have to score is a 64.

    I don't even want to get into it because living here just proves that this system is not working and fills positions with incompetent people.
  13. My wife just asked if a resident in Chicago can then sue when their house burns down b/c the city hired what is admittedly a less qualified candidate? ACLUuuuuuuuu. Where are you? LOL!
  14. [ame=]YouTube - American History X Affirmative Action clip[/ame]

    Firefighting is not a field you should cut corners on. There is no fucking way Im going to work for a department that hires based on skin color.
  15. I'm a minority (whatever the fuck that means...) and I don't like affirmative action.
  16. At the end of that clip he says something like, "I don't know, its like there is some kind of hidden agenda". I have to agree. Why are we hiring incompetent people for jobs that require a high level of competency?
  17. Because they are fucking retarded.

  18. I'm a mix, got just about every ethnic bloodline in me, just about the whole of EU and UK bloodlines, maybe some African blood from long long ago, may even have asian bloodlines....(i just look like a 'cracker':eek:)
    so, basically, I'm a true, authentic American, a pure bred mutt...the most lovable critter on earth...:p
  19. Mutts (dogs) are the smartest dogs around, and they're the least prone to congenital diseases. Pure-bread dogs are prone to tons of diseases and generally die much younger. Being a mutt, in my book, seems to be a good thing :p
  20. Affirmative action, in general, is bullshit. I totally agree with that. But I had a friend in paramedic school from chicago, and he said in Chicago, if you're not irish, you can't get a job with the fire department. Obviously not an official policy, but the FD chiefs and all the guys in charge give extreme preference to irish applicants. The guy that told me this was a white guy who is now a fairly high ranking air force fireman. So I have to think this is related to that somehow. I'd like to know more, because if it really is just straightforward affirmative action it's ridiculous, but there may be more to it than that.

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