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Chicago Dank Pickup Pineapple Express!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by traviekush, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Just a eighth of my pickup. But i only showed a fat ass nug from it. Nug weighs 2 grams by its self thought i would share it. It smells so fucking fruity just like pineapples. I thought my dealer lied but its legit.


    IMG_1833.jpg :bongin:
  2. Good find. Im in the chicago suburbs as well, just picked up a quad yesterday and there was a 3.6 nug in it
  3. Thanks yeah lucky my new dealer lives only 3 blocks from me. he came from cali so he gets the medical hookup
  4. Travie, Looks like some good smoke :smoke:

    Nice mate! This one time I got a 1/4o that was just like a solid rock, one nug with little stems. It was so dank :smoking:
  5. nice pick up bro. looks like quality,how much for the 8th?
  6. My prices are actually pretty great since i dont live in a medical state. I pay between 45-50 dollars a eighth and 100 a quarter. But for this pineapple express i payed 50
  7. Looks great dude! Try to hang on to that dealer for awhile :smoking:
  8. hell just save any seeds and enjoy it anytime you want without having to pay for it, if the quality is good start ya a little patch for personal as a safety net against regi.
  9. Yea i never get any seeds in my dank. But imma ask my dealer does he have any. he is a pretty cool guy.

  10. damn op, im jealous lol one of my dealers told me he maybe would get Pineapple Express last week but ended up getting Cheese instead, Never got to try legit Pineapple Express, only a joint of mids that had like .2 of what my kinda dumb friend Tarrod claimed was "Pineapple Express" sprinkled ontop. I've got an eigth of Sour D and an eigth of cheese atm. both have 2 distinct powerful smells, Cheese smells like citrus soury, and Sour D smells like well Sour D lmao, we all know that familiar scent im sure :p
  11. Yea i wanna try some cheese never had it. But sour d is common for me. Get it alot to the point were i get tired of that strain. But Pineapple Express Is some good shit bro it gives me a nice nice head high makes me giggly. Also it gives you a very slight body high not to overwhelming. Its one of my favorite strains now:D Smells like pine and pineapples and mangoes lol

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