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Discussion in 'General' started by 12inchbong, May 4, 2004.

  1. Hell yes. I can't wait until next week. On monday I'm going to Chicago for an art class. We will be going to 2 museums, a boat tour, and the Navy Pier for some art show. I'm gonna pop an eighth of shrooms an hour or so before we arrive, so I'll be tripping in the art museum and a good portion of the boat tour. Also gonna bring a joint or two in case we have an extra minute to sneak off and light up!

    Then on thursday I'm going to Cedar Point. A couple friends and I are making brownies to take with us. I'm gonna have probably 3-4 one gram brownies. We're all blazing before the bus ride, then I'm gonna eat one brownie on the bus, one at the park, and one right before we leave the park. Needless to say, I'll be blizted all day! Damnit I can't wait for this week to be over! I've never been on a rollercoaster high, so it'll be interesting. And whenever we go down a big drop on coasters, instead of just yelling "ahhhh" or "yaaaaa" or "holy shit", my buddy and I are gonna yell "I'M SO HIGH!!!", or something else funny that we might think of......
  2. holy shit that sounds so fun!!! can u bring me :))

    what ceder point??
  3. I've never been to Chicago, but Cedar Point is the shit.

    For those who don't know, Cedar Point is an awesome roller coaster park. They are always building a new coaster that breaks some record. They have several of the world's talles roller coasters. My fav there is the raptor. It's the big green inverted one at the front of the park.
  4. Dude dude dude..think about me on this one..hold the shrooms for the coasters..ITS IN-FUCKIN-SANE to tripp on roller coasters..seriosly, trsut me, youll thank me later.... unless you have a history with bad tripps, or are the leats big scared about the coasters..but if you have a strait head and arnt afraid of coasters at all...tripp the shrooms at cedar point...i tripped and went to six glafs..holy shit...dude you feel liek your flying and you think you are, i thougth i was in the clouds and liek in a little euphoric wonderland of blue sky and that..
  5. Might wanna be careful with those drugs if you're going through one or two bus terminals, the security isn't like ariports but they do have drug sniffing dogs.

  6. Not like a bus you get on at a city bus-stop, or one you buy a ticket for. It's a school function, so it's a charter bus and the only other people on it are classmates and teachers/chaperones. Not worried about any of them, though. And toker, I thought about doing the shrooms at Cedar Point, but I decided against it. I've only had one bad trip in my life (DMT), and I fear no roller coaster. I just think I'd rather be at Chicago's art museum and museum of natural history tripping, looking at cool shit. I will, however, try shrooms at Cedar Point this summer. I'm sure it will be an experience to remember.

    Oh ya, fuck that top speed dragster. They seriously need to stop concentrating on going HIGHER AND FASTER!!!! and need to start building BETTER roller coasters. Just think, if they hadn't just sat around until they came up with an asshat idea of making something as stupid as the top speed dragster, they could have built a roller coaster 10 times better than the Raptor or the Mantis. I pity the engineers that created that 420 foot tall piece of asscheese.....
  7. At least twice during highschool I had to transfer at a bus station as part of a charter bus trip. I'm just saying don't count on it, you can always toke or eat the shrooms right before you leave anyway.
  8. Eh, I'm pretty sure I'll be safe. I've gone to both Chicago and Cedar Point before as school functions on charter bus rides. The only thing we had to stop for was the turnpike. I live in Michigan, so Cedar Point is only about 3 hours away, and Chicago is about a 4.5 hour trip, I think. I've never had to transfer for a trip that short.

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