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  1. What up guys,
    I'm kind of new around these parts, but i am quite the marijuana conosiuer (sp?). I was wondering how many people in here are from the Windy City? Let me know what's good guys.:smoke:
  2. Yo im from the chi and i only found some orange hazee and rego. I need some new shit i live in hyde park
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    Sup man, just one of the many tokers out here in Chicago. I've been smoking almost a year now and I've only been smoking DANK for the duration. Blueberry, Cali mist, Mango, Northern Lights, and that just to name a few.

    Peace, see ya around the forums:smoke:
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    Northwest side of chicago here if anyone knows wher Taft high school is im near there, man so far ive had the pleasure of smoking some headband kush, sweet island skunk, northern lights and white widow. I'm currently dry because my dealers phones been going straight to voicemail for the last couple of days.... shit sucks hit me up if your near with headdies!!!!! :wave:
  5. YEa bro the best that I've had is the Maui Wawi, some rhinoberry, and of course the blueberry
  6. Dude i was lucky enough to get some Maui Wowi in Dekalb (Went to NIU)
  7. bump
    come on guys.. I know that there are more of us out there.

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