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Discussion in 'General' started by KB_124, Aug 25, 2002.

  1. Just wondering if anyone here uses chewing tobacco. If you don't have you ever tried it? I do chew and i think that it does give you a sweet buzz, unlike the buzz you get from cigarettes. I have noticed alot of stoners around my school also chew. I do come from a hick school though, where there are more pick-up trucks than there are cars (yes i have a truck) But it's not bad at all, we have a pretty good sized high school, at around 2000 students. If you don't, what is your opinion of it?
  2. I tried chewing tobacco and snuff a couple of times. It really made me want to throw up. YUCK!!!!!! It did make my mouth go numb but that didn't make up for the nausea or the overwhelming need to vomit. But I always each their own.
  3. I don't want to try it because I don't like what it can do to your mouth and teeth. It smells good though! But that might be kind of hipoctritical because I started smoking ciggarettes for a little bit and stopped about a month ago. But they're bad and yucky! Only marijuana smoke for me!
  4. Way to go GreenDazed on quitting. I smoked for half of my life (Ima a youngin 21 for those who are not mathmatically inclined thats 10 years I smoked) and I quit about 1 1/2 years ago. I tried those lil skoal packets a couple of times when I was in school they would suffice but the loose shit man dont swallow if you do its all over from there man oh man it will make you wish that you didnt get up that day.

  5. I considered doing that once when I was really bored..... I decided not to though...

    I chew weed sometimes, if I have LOTS. It tastes SO GOOD!!!!!
  6. Hey... I come from a hick school with more cars than trucks, more chewers than smokers or even non-chewers, and drinking hill billies who are ignorant assholes. You wouldn't happen to be from Alaska would you?
  7. Nope Reefer_Cat, im from Michigan. thats great that you quit smoking GreenDazed42. I smoked for about a year, then one day while driving i couldn't remember what i liked about it, so i threw that cigarette out and haven't had another since last Friday. I only had one to see if I still got the same buzz, and I did, but I just hated the thought of all those chemicals in my lungs. I plan on smoking weed for a long time, so it wasn't a hard decision to see which one I quit. I could also go without chewing tobacco, but I just love the buzz.
  8. what do cigarettes do for you anyways? at least marijuana gets you high. cigars taste good though, but cigs are pointless.
  9. yeah chew is pretty gets kinda sickening but the buzz is way stronger to me then of cigarettes.....but personally i like cigarettes better jus cause theyre easier to use and what not.......dip kinda is a process ya far as cigarettes......well the nicotine in them enhances my high pretty good as does it for many others.......that little buzz is the whole reason a lot of heads start smokin to begin wit
  10. Well i would probably have tried it before now but it's illigil in Britain, i've heard lots of bad stories about people getting cancer of the throat from that stuff.....Peace out.....Sid
  11. It's illegal to chew tobacco in the UK????? My brother says he's bought chewing tobacco here.......
  12. Well i'm not 100% sure but i'm about 80% that it's probably can buy from some people or certain places though....Peace out....Sid
  13. gross, gross, gross! almost everybody in this place chews - men and women - and they're spitting all over *shudder*. and they're all missing teeth or sporting a mouthful of rotten ones. yuck!

  14. If you smoke them right you'll get a buzz..I quit exactly 30 days ago..I've shown a lot of newbs how to smoke ciggs becuz most people dont actually inhale them..i've seen a lot of people just take the smoke in there mouth and let it out...pretty funny..anyways...when i started my third cigg was what got me my first buzz...i got real lightheaded and almost passed out from a french inhale.
  15. Just tried chew a few nights ago and didn't feel much of a buzz until I dipped a fairly liberal amount tonight. The rush is absolutely unbelievable but I get the feeling that I'm going to quite while I'm ahead.

    I may keep a few tins around to take the edge off if I need to but I know people that go through two to three cans per day and they have terrible looking gums.
  16. I chew, about a can every 3 days. It is bad for you but it is a nice buzz and does take the edge off for a lot of shit. Chewing after you eat is a staple haha. Just keep it in moderation like everything else and at the right place and time and your fine.
  17. I use snus, but in america i think it's called dip/snuff? I always have one under my lip, im going to try and quit soon though. anyway here's some pictures.

  18. Copenhagen Long cut is the best aint no fightin it
    skoal is pussy
  19. ew that just looks gross I dont want my teeth and gums to rot out. I tried a few of those new snus packets by marlboro, yuck, Ill stick to my ciggies in moderation.
  20. Yeah they to rot your gums :) That's why today after 3 years i decided to quit :hello: It's not going to well i feel irritable and a little stressed. Although i am chewing nicotine gum like crazy but it's not helping at all.

    Oh and if those from marlboro taste gross, you should try those from General or Göteborgs Rape, if you can get your hands on them. But i doubt it. :(

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