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Discussion in 'General' started by Burton7, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. hey i have been dipping for a month or so pretty regularly and ive noticed that some of the times i dip, i feel sick. i get all sweaty and nautious and stuff. I dont swallow any of it so i know thats not it and its weird because it only happens sometimes. is there anything i can do to eliminate this? thanks
  2. yeah ''QUIT'' your proably started this because your friends do it...

    i used to dip snuff,,, until a dog bit my bottom tooth out,,, ( i know ''crazy'' but my b-dog ripped it right out of my head'')

    it aint good for you,,, im glad i cant use snuff no more,,, such nasty shit, and highly addictive,,,

    look at it from a females point of view.... you think she wants to kiss you after having a wad, of worm ''shit'' between your lip ?

    be a leader dont do it just because your friends are doing it,,,,,:cool:

    plus the shit is expensive as hell right now,,, theres no way id pay 4$ for a can of copenhagen,,, fuck that >>>>>>>>>>>>>>:cool:
  3. well here's the deal, when i first dipping a year or so ago, you're tolerance is so low that it hits you pretty hard. This usually causes a huge buzz especially if usiing a large amount. The huge buzz usually will cause that feeling of a huge head rush and possibly feeling almost sick. Just relax and you'll get it over it. There are times where ive just had to take it out cause i was feelin shitty a long time ago. Never needed tho throw up though (except for the first time)
  4. so if i just stick to it and do small amounts at a time for a while i will eventually not feel sick?
  5. the sick feeling is your body rejectin this shit,,,

    just quit,,, it's a nasty habit,,,, for real dude,,, it aint cool too see some guy with a fat lip....

    quit,, and thank me 7 yrs. from now,,,:cool:
  6. i appreciate the concern but really, im not doing it for the reasons you think i am. im just tryin to figure this out. thanks though:)
  7. getting too much nicotine into your system

    if you still insist on dipping put in smaller lippers, or just dont have them in your mouth for as long
  8. i understand,,, learn on your own,,, but trust someone with experience,,,

    snuff aint no-good,,,, i miss my tooth, but i dont miss snuff,,,

    thats the reaason i quit,,,, shit slipped thru my '' gap'' so it was impossible to continue doing it,,,,, not a minute too late,,,,

    live and learn,,, if you want to experiment with this crap, go ahead,,,just choose one or the other,, cigs. or snuff,, dont do both,,,

    good luck too you,,( hopin you dont get sick no mo ,thats all):cool:
  9. hey chicken,

    What did you do to quit? I've been dippin for about 3 years now and i really really really want to quit, but I'm just havin the most difficult time quittin. you got any tips or advice?
  10. he said he lost a tooth, and couldnt do it anymore

    anyway, i could never dip...having a wad of that shit in my mouth...ewwwww...i already hate cigs beyond belief...
  11. I agree that its sick & all, as are cigarettes, and no offense but if I were to smoke itd be because of people like you & truth with all their gay commercials, not everyone starts because they think its cool or theyre weak & just do what their friends do, people start smoking or dipping for plenty of other reasons, so dont assume shit
  12. ''underlined , quote'' ........ yeah i used to have a mean nasty 120 lb. bulldog,,, ''english'' ,,,,,,,,,,, i used to bite him behind the ear,,, and throw him away from me,,,

    and all hell would break loose,,, i played with this dog very rough,,,, he was all man!!!!

    well one day doing this, i just let him go,,, he turned,,,, snapped.... and my tooth was gone,,,, i think he swallowed it,,, i never seen it again,,,,

    thus i quit dipping snuff,,,, the best thing i ever did,,, i dont miss that tooth,,,,,

    but i do miss that dog,,, he snapped on my son,,,, he was gone that week,,,,

    he's a hog-dog now.... it's a southern thing,,,, some may understand,,,, most wont,,,,, but hes killlin,, now and thats what he want s to do,,,,,,,, kill,,,,,, he was a good dog,,,, but you turn on my ''blood'' and your history,'''''''''''''''''' my current bulldog is chill,,,,

    but one false move,,, and ill kill him,,,, it may not sound sweet,,,, and if it offends you id suggest you get a poodle.....

    a bulldog,,, is a aggresive beast,,,,,:cool: especially the way i train them,,,, killers all the way,,,( but you better be cool with your family ):devious:

    or your dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cool:
  13. I heard about hog-dogging on the news when the Michael Vick story was just being uncovered.
  14. Maybe if you didn't train your dogs to be "killers" they wouldn't snap at people. Just my two cents...

    And I can't stand chew, tastes like hell in my opinion.
  15. fighting dogs,,, and a '' hunting dog'' ( catch dog) are 2 different things,,,

    fuck micheal vick,,, he was stupid and got caught,,,, he let it be too known what he was doing,,,,,

    if i had his career,,, i could give a rats ass less about some dog fighting ring,,,,

    he was still a little in the '' juvenille'' mode..... now chicken fighting,,,,

    thats a different story,,, at least you can eat the '' looser'' DIG !!!!!!!!!!!:D
  16. I'll never understand people from the south...

    Watching two chickens kill each other, pretty fucked up.

    Edit - I appologize, not everyone from the south has such odd ideas of fun.
  17. fuck michael vick because he was stupid & got caught, that seems like a stupid reason to say that, surely you could think of a thing or two besides "he got caught"
  18. That's a generalization.

    I never said hog-dogging and dog fights were the same... Hog-dogging, that's where you set a pig and a dog loose in a ring and let the dog kick the living shit out the pig, right?

    I just hope to God you get some bacon out of the deal.

    :rolleyes: :p:p
  19. you ever owned a true ''bulldog'' they are natural killers,,,, its hardwired in thier brains,,,,,,,,

    theres a vet clinic in my area that gives ''FREE'' nueturing to any bulldog,,,

    what does that tell you...... i like my cats,,, fuck a dog,, i got this bulldog,,,

    i took on the responsibility of raising him,,, and i will till the day he dies,,,,

    but if he gets out of line... i'll kill him,,,it's something you accept when taking on the responsibility of this breed,,,,,

    i actually cried that i had to get rid of my old dog...... he snapped at my son while i was a t work,,,,,,, but when i come home i knew he was gone,,,,

    and said my good-byes,,, my ex had a double barrel shotgun here,,, she could have easily blew his head off.....

    it's the way we roll in the south,??????????????dig!!!!!!!:cool:
  20. i have a lhasa alspo...named rocko...hes vicious...20 bucks says he will eat your bull whole, and poop it out as just a skeleton...yup;)

    i used to have an awesome pit...his name was fish...cause he would sit there allday with his paw on the fishtank, looking at em...nicest dog ever...however, on a morning run, he wandered off, and i found him later that day after hours of searching, and he was torn up:(...however there was a long trail of blood of whatever he went after, meaning he put up a real fight...however he had to be put down :(

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