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chewing on morning glory seeds?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by HighVibes, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Hey GC, i gotta question for those of you experienced with, or have knowledge about, morning glory seeds. if i just chew on some, will it do anything? make me trip? or just make me sick.. thanks.
  2. it could make you trip if you can hold it down, i tried to chew and swallowed and just ended up puking at about 150 seeds.... its like chewing dirty wood.... try to do an extraction.

    i did feel it coming a bit before i puked...
  3. someone on here told me about them and ive done them twice so far...

    i would do the exctraction, i think anything else is going to be a waste of time..

    i did like 9g and tripped out for like 4 hours

    .. if u do chew let me know if anything happens

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    *bump* ooh the nausea sounds like it might be a problem, but ive got some nausea meds, do u think that would overpower it? and come on GC, 40 views and only 2 posts? i know not all of you know about MG's but, some of you have to. i need help, im doing it tomorrow, if i do it at all. :(:confused:
  5. dont do it. They taste awful, will make you puke and wont do much.

    Look into Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds and extractions. Dont even try morning glories, ive messed with them in numerous ways hoping to figure it out, but they are just horrible.

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