Chewing "5" gum

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MattyBee, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Sitting on the couch after some bong rips
    "5" Gum commercial comes on where some dude starts levitating or something i don't really even remember. The other commercials show the expirence of 5 gum to be like pulsating beads all over your body.
    The point is..chewing 5 gum is nothing like anything on the commericals but if it was
    5 gum> weed
    im just saying
  2. Hahahahahaha!! So true! I love that one where he lays down in the pit of metal balls and the bass starts playing and it like moves the balls
  3. Of course its not true lol who wants to watch a commercial of a guy chewing the gum and then saying "oh wow, this is just like any other fucking gum"
  4. One time after about 4 bowls out of a sheldon with my friend, we were completley ripped so we turned on the tv, once the commercials started, the one where all the fruits are getting launched into the cage started playing, and it was playing on my friends' brand new HUGE flat screen tv, surround sound n all. I swear to god we rewinded that bitch 30 times or more, im pretty sure at one point i had goosebumps, maybe even shed a tear or two.
    All n all, those commercials are a mind fuck.

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