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Discussion in 'General' started by KingStun10, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Hey guys when i swallow it hurts in my chest area, about level with my nipples. It feels like my throat gets smaller and the food, or drink can just squeeze through, its a sharp pain.

    I assume there arn't many doctors if any on this forum but does anyone know what this could be? weed related? btw ive been smoking only weed for about 1 year
  2. Go to a doctor.
  3. thanks buddy i never thought of that -.-

    im going to go to the doc nect week if the problem persists, but in the mean time might as well ask people who might have experienced the same thing
  4. Any type of chest pain I would go see a doctor right away.
  5. Just go to the doctor.
  6. Call 911.

    Possible airway compromise could cause more of a problem if driving to the doctor.

    *Depends on how bad it is for OP
  7. I get that with anxiety, but no matter what chest pain should be taken seriously. You never really know, even at the er they'll see someone with chest pain immediatly for that reason. If you don't have a history of panic attacks then I would go to the hospital. Trouble swallowing/breathing/ or chest pains should be checked out asap.
  8. Might not be the weed but you can stop smoking to see if the problem persists
  9. I don't know if it's the proper term as I'm not a doctor, but maybe it's indigestion.

    Sometimes when I eat it hits that same spot going down and hurts like hell. Like a sharp pain. It usually lasts like 30 mins, only if I'm eating.

    Drinking lots of water with the food helps me.
  10. You will be fine man. Don't bother seeing a doctor.

    It's probably just a heart attack or stroke, nothing serious.
  11. Been to the docs 3 times for random pains in my body. Chest, side (most abdominal places) and they couldnt help for shit. It was most likely anxiety from too much weed smoking over 3 years.

    Fuckin wasted like 80 bucks each time
  12. sorry for the misunderstanding but thins is not a chest pain its more like my throat but near the bottom, definatly not my heart. started about 2 days ago i dont think its a very big deal cus it doesnt hurt that much but ill go to the doc in a few days
  13. u probably have heart burn and have acid reflux disease. wut does your diet look like? and how old are u? if ur relatively young it is very unlike that ur having cardiovascular problems, so dont worry about a heart attack or stroke. Smoking can definitely exacerbate heart burn problems. The best solution is to take dexilant or tums, but if ur not in reach of those, than i would recommend mixing baking soda in water and drinking that. The reason baking soda works is because when u have heart burn the acid that is produced in your stomach is overproduced and tends to go into your esophagus causing a burning and chest pain type of sensations. When u drink the basic baking soda, it neutralizes the acid and relieves the pain. For future reference i would change up your diet and stop smoking or at least reduce your smoke intake, cuz that is a major contributor to heart burn.

    I know this cuz i get heart burn, plus ive learned alot of from doctors in the family and i just finished my physiology course and we learned about heart burn.

  14. lol its most likely not a heart attack or stroke

  15. its not a waste man, at least u know its not something too serious
  16. thanks for your thoughts but this isnt heart burn, it feels like the bottom of my throat is too small and food/drink can hardly sneak through

  17. do u have gas? i think i know wut ur talking about, and that has alot to do with heart burn. U may have an ulcer on your esophagus from too much acid
  18. if you develop chest pain, especially if it feels like a heaviness or pressure sensation, or like an unfamiliar “indigestion” you should seek prompt medical attention. Other worrisome signs that it might be your heart include onset with or shortly after exertion, associated shortness of breath, nausea or sweating, and movement or radiation of the pain into the neck, jaw, back, shoulder or arm (either side).

    You could also have a chest infection which has spread to your throat making it inflamed and swell up ( which explains the feeling in your throat)

    You should see a doctor it could real'y be anything, good luck get better soon. :)
  19. Acid reflux. I had it a couple years and the pain is unbearable. I didnt smoke back then so i dont think thats it

  20. yup, although there are many contributing factors for have acid reflux and smoking is one of them

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