Chest pain after smoking

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  1. Hey guys,

    So about a week ago i experienced severe chest pain after smoking a joint (which i always do at the end of the day) after smoking my chest felt super tight and I honest thought i would have a heart attack. I felt super uncomfortable, had shortness of breath and felt super anxious. I do have anxiety its not too bad but this was nothing like it so i got super scared and went to the ER, they ran some test and my heart and lungs are fine. Ive been like this for a little over a week now and cant find anything that helps. The Drs say its a pulled muscle but it definitely feels like its not, it hurts even when im resting. Basically this pain has been constant with no signs of going away or getting better. My question here is has anyone experienced this? If so, how long does it take to heal and what did you do to help it get better? I stopped smoking after this but im so sad i have to quit for a bit. Ive seen ppl on here say it can last for months :/
  2. I worked in the ER for 3 years and it sounds like the Docs were correct! Were you coughing really hard when you smoked that joint??

    The problem with these kinds of muscles tears is that you constantly use those muscles to breath and do your daily functions.

    For example, if you tear a muscle in your shoulder or leg, you can recover faster by not putting any pressure on that muscle and having it in a sling or brace of some sort.

    For muscles in your chest, you use these to breath and they move when you twist and turn and do pretty much anything. Not putting tension on these muscles is almost impossible so they normally take much longer to recover.

    The good thing is that it's usually not to serious and will eventually get better however it is a pain in the ass due to the reasons I mentioned above

    It also sounds like you had a panic attack during this episode which I experience frequently when I get a little to high lol
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  3. Consider canna caps in the future. No smoke is good for your lungs.
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  4. Hey,

    i dont recall coughing too hard while i was smoking. All I remember is that when i was done this crushing feeling took over my left chest area and yes i think u are right i might have had a panic attack while this was happening as well but after trying to chill out for 2 hours it didnt go away so around 11pm i decided to go to the ER. The pain has not gone away since.. :(
  5. It's only been a week!! That's completely normal! Usually people recover in a few weeks if it's not very severe. The worst cases can take up to months to heal but I'm sure that's not the case for you.

    The good thing is that the doctors 100% ran all of the test to make sure it wasn't anything serious. Any normal ER would have ran an ECG (which would've instantly told them if you were having a heart attack) and then they run blood tests to make sure it isn't anything cardiac related.

    Did they do any imaging? Like x-ray or CT can? Blood tests should've been enough for them to know you aren't having any serious issue and that it's most likely just a tear!

    You could definitely make some canna-caps in the meantime if you don't want to smoke bc of the pain. That should reduce the inflammation and at least relieve your pain a little!
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  6. Problems with the heart should be taken seriously as a human can readily end up dead. I would not gamble trusting any quick diagnosis from doctors unless you were thoroughly tested with diagnostic imagery so yeah wise to play it safe and not smoke. Nicotine cigarettes, caffeinated drinks, other rec drugs, and medicines may also worsen active heart issues. You'll have much time in the future to smoke weed if you have self control to stop smoking a few weeks. A muscle tear should heal quickly while an actual heart problem won't so you ought understand your situation more clearly in a matter of a few weeks.

  7. They ran an EKG test and my heart was beating a little more than 105 beats per minute but they said it’s nothing to worry about. After an hour it went back to normal. The did an X ray of my chest which didnt show anything abnormal, they ran the blood test twice and they all came back negative for any blood clots, or any heart related issues etc. so they let me go home. Im honestly feeling like this could be a slight tear too.
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  8. all my blood work came back negative so they basically said take some tylenol and sent me on my way so i dont feel like its heart related since they didnt seem too worried. im just hoping someway, somehow i can make this pain go away quicker but it looks like i have to wait and see
  9. Yeah 105 is normal for someone who is anxious and thinking they are having a heart attack.

    These doctors didn't just give you a quick diagnosis like the guy above you said.

    In my 3 years, cardiac conditions were BY FAR the most common reason someone came to the ER. They have very strict guidelines they must follow for anyone complaining about a cheat pain or cardiac issue. The Docs see it 10 times a day and are very good at catching these problems as they are often the only doctors to see people having heart attacks as the ER is where everyone is taken in that type of emergency.

    It's definitely a good idea to see your PCP and let them know what is going on but the test they ran are very thorough, not just some quick diagnosis.
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  10. Oh yeah, for sure they ran every test and just sent me on my way saying im fine and its most likely a muscle. After a few days i went back because I didnt see it getting better and all the Dr said was “next time you feel like this just reassure yourself that its not heart related” so i was like man wtf!! Anyway, looks like ill just have to wait it out and hope this heals in weeks not months. :/
  11. Do you have a normal doctor?? Just make an appointment with them and let them know and they can prescribe you something strong if you need it like a muscle relaxer!

    I don't think it will take longer than a week or so to heal up! Months is for people that get in serious accidents and much worse cases!

  12. I do have a regular doctor. I actually have a follow up appointment with her on tuesday and will definitely ask her if i can take a muscle relaxer for this!
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  13. Yeah just sounds like you coughed your ass off and pulled something. Can happen to anyone but you will be fine bro, (or sis) just take slower and smaller hits next time and try not to hold it in too long.

  14. I honestly dont remember coughing THAT bad lol but i might have. For now im going to chill and not smoke for a bit, i tried smoking like 4 days after this happened and the pain came back and i freaked out about it so im just going to play it safe and just wait it out :)
  15. Maybe just stick with edibles for a while. Some say it gives you an even better high than smoking.
  16. I have a back problem and when it's active it feels like chest pain. It lasts for weeks until it cools down.

    When heart muscle is damaged or suffers from a loss of blood supply as in a heart attack it releases chemicals, your doc would have checked for those chemicals in your blood which means your chest pain isn't coming from your heart.
  17. probably your diaphragm being stressed from coughing too hard.

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