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chest pain after smoking weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by curiouskells, May 21, 2017.

  1. I just then made an account to ask this question so i dont know if i put it in the right place or anything so just bare with me. Just incase this helps, im an 18 year old male who only smokes straight marijuana with no tobacco and i use a plastic bong (until i get a glass one) and on the day this happened i probably didnt eat a lot and probably didnt drink enough water
    I have been smoking for a couple months now, usually just at night to help me get to sleep. My parents didnt know i smoked in our house and they hate it and when i first started i was worried about them finding out but after awhile it didnt bother me. About 3-4 nights ago i got ready to go to bed and then i had 2 cones and noticed it got me really hogh. Higher than usual. Keep in mind the weed i had at the time i have been smoking for a week or so it all came from the same bag. Anyway after the second cone i packed my last one (usually have 2-4 a night) and once i smoked the last one it was so intense and great for about 10 minutes. But then it just went down hill. I got sharp pains in the left side of my chest that kept moving around the left side of my chest so i didnt think it was my heart so i thought i was cool i just needed to ride it out. But then my chest started to feel like it was burning. My whole chest. The sharp pain on the left side was still there aswell. Even without being high, im a paranoid person so me being high just made this worse. It got to the point where i needed to wake my parents up because i genuinely thought i was having a heart attack. They both use to smoke a lot before they had us kids so they believed i was going to be okay and just talked me through it but the pain and burning was still there. Then i started getting really short breaths and felt like i was going to pass out but i didnt want to because i thought if i closed my eyes i wouldnt wake up. I ended up passing out and im obviously still alive but im not sure if i should go to the doctor or not. I was told by multiple friends and my parents that it was probably just an anxiety attack but i do not have a history of anxiety attacks (i had another the next day though). That doesnt mean it wasnt. And im going to the doctors later this week, preferably soon. I just wanted to see if this has happened to anybody else amd if i should worry. I searched the internet for any information and i get a mix of "youll be okay" and "you should go to the doctor" but all of those cases never mentioned a burning chest, just that they had chest pains. I havent smoked since then and my chest is slowly starting to feel normal again. The day after this happened i did start to feel a little nauseous if that has anything to do with it.

    I apologize if this was too long just thought id fit any information i thought would be important
  2. I unno why you typed that all out. But, just go with smaller hits out of your bong until your used to the smoke. Since you just started, your virgin lungs are being assaulted by the smoke your inhaling. Try vaping or edibles if you don't want that chest pain op.

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  3. Iv
    Ive gone harder with my bong rips before though. Bigger/longer bottles, glass bings and such. I just usually use a plastic bong. You could be right though
  4. Could just be the plastic? I mean I've had chest pains op but that's from coughing half my lung out after a decent hit. But never any burning sensations, oooohhhh maybe it's heartburn?

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  5. The only fucked up pain I have gotten is , when I took a huge hit and a friend made me laugh. I really thought I ripped my lung. I felt like some one stabbed me, after that my chest sort of burnt a little. Oh check your weed for mold just in case. Lastly go to your doctor and make a pipe or buy a cheap bong.

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  6. I think you need to stop smoking out of a plastic bong.

    How about you roll a joint, papers are dirt cheap.

    Also a few things you should not to sneeze or cough or laugh with alot of smoke as your inhaling. You can scar your lung tissue and yes it will hurt
  7. The anxiety attack and heart burn sound like the logical answer. After that night i kinda decided im gonna just stick to class
    Smoked out of a glass one today because a friend came over and i couldnt resist and i still felt soemthing in my chest but it wasnt really pain. Probably talk a longer break then just continue using a glassy
  8. see a doctor I think it was your heart it does raise the blood pressure your 18 and young but have you any heart defect? had a ekg done?.

    lung problems? did you cough up blood? if no it back to being the heart I would get a ekg done asap
  9. Where the sharp pains were didnt feel like my heart. It was closer to my shoulder than heart. But im no doctor so that doesnt mean it isnt caused by my heart. Ive never had problems with my heart, didnt cough up blood or any lungs issues. I dont rhink i even coughed when i smoked. But ill probably still go to the doctors anyway
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  10. Smoking anything clean green or not will never be "good" for you, you will get over time tar build up etc... if you are feeling these pains so early on in your cannabis age then you might want to consider switching to vaporizing! Even for your massive bong hits, there are water adaptors that you use like the lotus water adaptor that will turn any bong into a healthy hit of massive tasty vapor clouds!
    Here is a blog on Vaporizing vs Smoking, perhaps it will help.
    I used LOVE my bong, handmade by my dad! however after years of coughing it was time for a change - I wont ever look back!
    Vaporizing will also help to keep it discreet!
  11. Thanks for your reply ill look into vaporizers
  12. lol your parents probably think youre a lightweight now

  13. I feel for you bro you should go see your doctor asap I had this happen to me 8 weeks ago now, I woke up after a night of drinking/toking up my mom asked me if I could mow the law so I did it then straight after I hit a glass bong full of kief/herb and roughly 20 minutes after I had chest pains it was that bad my mum rang the paramedics :mellow: they basically said I had a anxiety attack, I've had the pains since even if I'm not smoking I've found out I have some kinda chest infection and was told to take painkillers and it should pass, sorry about the long reply bro hope you feel better next time you toke up:smoking-banana::smoking-banana:
  14. Thanks for the reply homie. Yeah i think it was just anxiety i just freaked out cause it never really happened to me but ive toked up twice since I wrote that and its been fine. Just gonna slow down for a bit i reckon
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  15. My
    My mum made fun of me the very next day ahah
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  16. So i went to the doctors just the and i had my heart acanned and i was told to come back in 2 weeks for another scan and to mever smoke weed again. Like ever. Even when im feeling healthy and fit. Which is going to suck
  17. Shit man I wouldn't listen to your doctors tbh bro weeds never kills anyone.. I've been put on a 24 hour heart monitor today bro it sucks but I'm still toking up
    :love-mj::love-mj: I had to have a ECG earlier before they fitted the 24 hour on, I still toked up before I went and the reading came back normal:wacko::wacko: fuck knows why he told you not to smoke sounds like he's anti weed bruh IMG-20170524-WA0001.jpeg

  18. And all the doctor said to me was not to go in the shower/in water with it on and just to go about my daily routine eg drinking/smoking ect so I'd say your doctor is anti weed bruh lol
  19. I was told doctors say not to do it simply because its illegal. Ill wait a couple months and try again i reckon. If i get the same pain i guess weed just osnt for me anymore aha
  20. You are welcome, I can honestly say I will never turn back, just this weekend I attempted to toke on a pipe.... GROSS was all I can think, the taste and smell were that of horribly burnt plant matter, the same product in my Lotus AMAZING !!!

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