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  1. i got lazy over the summer and got a little chunky well i lost all the fat except the fat on my chest and a little belly fat. what is the best exercises for to tone that stuff??
  2. chest fat is hard to get rid of...

    if anyone knows how, let me know, hahah
  3. i know i do bench when i work out but it dont do much
  4. Doing chest exercises will tighten the skin up but won't burn the fat from that spot. Spot fat burning does not exist. This is a common myth in the fitness world that I would blame infomercials for spreading this false information. As far as getting rid of it your going to have to lower your overall body fat % unfortunately is the only way aside from surgery, that I know of.
  5. I keep losing fat in my stomach, but my mantits aren't getting any smaller
  6. Yep, Gynecomastia here too, as long as you're confident in yourself and have big arms. Tight t-shirts won't be a big deal :)

    Edit: Tightish t-shirts, I'm not a douche :p
  7. I have pretty big arms. My whole chest is pretty broad, but at the same time I'm kind of short, so I look stocky. I don't need to get rid of the manboobs as much as I need to tone them up a little.
  8. stop drinking
  9. Lose weight in general. You can't spot reduce.
  10. Might as well invest in the famous manzer

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