Cheryl Miller Memorial Congressional Phone Slam Day, 9/23/03

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  1. Cheryl Miller Memorial Congressional Phone Slam Day, 9/23/03

    Last week DRCNet wrote briefly about the upcoming Cheryl Miller Memorial Project's DC vigil, demonstration and lobby day, less than three weeks from now on September 22 and 23 ( There is one activity on the agenda for those who can't make it to Washington, a Congressional "phone slam" in support of H.R. 2233, the States Rights to Medical Marijuana Act. Your phone calls on September 23 will coincide with a day of Capitol Hill lobbying by attendees at the Memorial Project, and will ensure those visits are taken very seriously.

    We hope that DRCNet members will make an extra strong showing of participation in the phone slam, and we have a way to make it easy to do so: Visit right now to send an e-mail to your US Rep., your two Senators, and the President (if you haven't done so already), and our system will also keep a record of your Congressional District. Then, on the morning of the 23rd, we will send you a reminder about the phone slam, and the text of the message you receive will include the names and office phone numbers of your Rep. and your Senators -- you won't even have to look them up or go through the Congressional Switchboard.

    Click on or or to view or download a PDF or Excel or tab-delimited text file identifying how each Member of Congress voted on the pro-medical marijuana Hinchey-Rohrabacher amendment this summer.
  2. email:

    Dear DRCNet reader:

    As reported in Drug War Chronicle
    (, today and
    yesterday medical marijuana patients have gathered in
    Washington, DC to memorialize patient/activist Cheryl
    Miller with a vigil, press conference and lobby day. This
    message is a reminder to participate in the national
    congressional PHONE SLAM in their support. Please call
    your US Representative TODAY in support of the States'
    Rights to Medical Marijuana Act (H.R. 2233) and the Truth
    in Trials Medical Marijuana Act (H.R. 1717). When you're
    done, please send us an e-mail at
    (use if replying by
    hyperlink) and let us know you've taken action.

    To find out who your US Rep. is, visit
    or call the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.
    Then, visit or or to find out
    whether your Rep. voted for or against medical marijuana on
    the Hinchey-Rohrabacher amendment last July. If your Rep.
    voted for the amendment, thank them and urge them to
    sponsor the States' Rights and Truth and Trials bills (H.R.
    2233 and H.R. 1717) if they're not already. If your Rep.
    voted against the amendment, let him or her know that it
    was a highly unfortunate vote and they should make up for
    it by supporting and sponsoring H.R. 2233 and H.R. 1717.
    Use the Congressional Switchboard number to be connected to
    your Rep's office, or go to his or her web site on to look up the direct line.

    After you make your phone call, please also send an e-mail
    to your Rep. and your two US Senators in support of medical
    marijuana. You can do this by visiting and entering
    your name and address. Also please use the tell-a-friend
    form on the site or forward this alert to urge your friends
    to lobby Congress in support medical marijuana too.

    Last but not least, visit
    for preview pictures from yesterday's patients' visit to
    the MS Society (large file size, smaller versions and
    pictures from the rest of the event to be linked to in Drug
    War Chronicle issue #304 this Friday).

    Thank you for taking action.
  3. Just got that email a few moments ago myself Rumjil... :D
  4. I made my calls this morning. :D The phones were already kind of tied up. They'll probably be really busy right now since they are just sending the emails out. Everyone just keep trying. A little bit of pressure from the people might sway the minds of one of two of our reps and that is better than none! :)

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