Cherry pied at 50mph

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  1. I was a teen in 1976 and had a job along with about 15 others selling candy door to door.
    We had a boss named Mike who picked us up, drove us to various neighborhoods, and collected the money. He was in his 20's and overall was a cool guy, most of the time, that is.
    One summer day around 5 we were heading to work. There was a guy riding shotgun eating a Hostess Cherry pie, he had only had a bite or 2, when we see someone walking way ahead. Mike tells the rider to hit that pedestrian or it was going to be smashed in his face!
    Not being stupid, he decides to comply. He casually lays his arm out the window and releases the pie just before it hits the fellow in the back of the head, taking him off of his feet!

    I didn't do it, I couldn't stop it, I lmao!
  2. My friend threw a bag of flower (white cooking flour) out of a car window and it hit a guy going the opposite direction on a bike. funny shit
  3. Firecrackers are also funny to throw at pedestrians
  4. [quote name='"biggg bassset"']Firecrackers are also funny to throw at pedestrians[/quote]

    Same with apples :)
  5. i was fucking with firecrackers in a friends car and got the smart idea to throw one over the driver out his window from the passenger seat. Being drunk i missed and it hit the driver side roof, the driver thru it in at me and it landed in my lap. BOOM> i look down and theirs a hole in my shorts and my ears were ringing like hell. Just bout died laughing. Luckly it was a black cat so it didnt blow my dick off.
  6. i was severely mislead by the title.
  7. A friend of mine decided to throw his cherry punch drink out the window, successfully hitting an Asian kid we both knew. He was wearing a white shirt and riding a bike. He was so pissed.

    I felt bad but oh well. Kid was kind of a prick.
  8. Same here.

    Someone threw a can of mountain dew out of his window at me when i was walking on the sidewalk, there was still a little bit left in it too.
  9. we were driving down the road and my buddie is in the back seat and a garbage truck is coming up and I'm going 60mph and he throws a mc donalds ice tea out the window and hits the dude on the back of the garbage truck funny as shit lol

  10. I always wondered how my dad died. Mom always said it was a pie to the face but i didnt believe her. Havent touched pie since...
  11. someone threw a big ass rock at me when i was walking home from class. he was going like 40. hurt pretty bad. i knew the one kid, i never got revenge. but he killed himself a couple of months ago. jokes on him!

    nah thats really fucked up, he was actually on my hockey team for a season before he got into hard drugs.
    oh well. i never liked him anyways
  12. On thursday I was riding my longboard home from a friends house late at night while really,really high and someone in one of those shitty little izusu suv's threw an empty water bottle out the window and it hit me in the back of the knee.

    I think I laughed more then they did Lol
  13. One time in 1976.... It's 2012 dude..

    Pics or it didn't happen :cool:
  14. throwing shit at people while driving evolves some kind of liquor or drug to be funny otherwise you like wtf are we doing.........

    moral of story people do stupid shit while their happiest.

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