cherry pie day 26 flower

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  1. well the stretch is over the back plant hit 60 inches but she is also skinnier than i like the front one seems to be stacking good so far all systems go plenty of frost showing up starting to doubt i will hit the 2 lb mark not that i didnt try it is just the strain but fingers crossed anyway IMG_20221126_145415916.jpg IMG_20221126_145421864_HDR.jpg IMG_20221126_145428492_HDR.jpg IMG_20221126_145548786.jpg IMG_20221126_145554798.jpg
  2. sorry about the picture quality my phone lense must be dirty
  3. starting to look 'overfed' / locked out. :huh:
  4. Yes my last runoff was high ! water only for the next couple so I can stabilize them good eye I checked them closely just now at lights out no burnt and tips or anything
  5. Doesn't look too bad, but yeah, you do have a nute situation you need to sort out.
  6. i see a ton of burnt tips and eagle clawed leaves....but wish you the best in your grow.
  7. well as far as a ton of burnt tips lol ok i let my medium dry out havent fed or watered in 5 days now i am going to hit them with cool spring water but truthfully they looked happier today after drying out
  8. not trying to be combative but I wouldn't ever associate burnt tips with underwatering. its the bottled nutes.
  9. Y
    You are correct I tried a new one it was 2 7 7 think I added to much I am going to flush I think

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