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  1. Well it's been about a week since the transplant should I consider topping them at this point or wait or maybe not top at all? Let's here from some professional guys IMG_20221004_104540939.jpg IMG_20221004_104604006.jpg IMG_20221004_104621394_HDR.jpg
  2. I'd wait some even maybe not, only as you have nute burn on the horizon, (note the discolored leaf tips)

    so you remove 33% of the leaf where does the plant discharge all that extra nute? ..
    only further up the plant that you hope to toke one day

    = avoid the topping until you can clear the nute burn first, by then its too late

    Had you mixed in the perlite into the soil as most here would: then maybe you wouldn't have that burn as the perlite would have diluted it

    besides Cherry Pie is one beautiful plant to look at
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  3. i made my soil on the hot side and it is only water for at least a month i noticed the tips my runoff is in the 1800 range but will lower itself as time goes by worst case scenario i flush them but i dont believe i will have too it is the same recipe as my last grow and they loved it but this is a different strain and i didnt take that into account thanks for noticing and giving the heads up that is the first thing i said when i saw the pictures because just looking at the plant the tips look fine i will probably not even top i never have before i just LST and grow them fat
  4. they ain't in flower and still can be saved,
    extracted and re potted but they are your plants

    all the same

    good luck
  5. extracted and repotted for what reason? because of a slight tip burn? no my friend they will be grown right where they are and be wonderful all the same but thanks for your opinion
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