Cheney gets dissed by Bush

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  1. i found an article that said that Jeb Bush (gov of Florida) wore a bright orange sticker on his chest when he attended the state fair. he commented to reporters "I'm a little concerned that Dick Cheney is going to walk in".

    Wearing orange, governor's safe from VP
    Jeb Bush made light of Dick Cheney's accidental shooting while in Tampa Monday.
    By BILL VARIAN, Times Staff Writer
    Published February 13, 2006


    TAMPA - Gov. Jeb Bush took a rare opportunity to preempt late night talk show hosts Monday when he appeared at the Florida State Fair Governor's Day Luncheon.

    Like other guests, the governor was given a "No Farmers, no Food" sticker from the Florida Farm Bureau.

    Opening his remarks before the 1,000 or so gathered, Bush made a show of placing the sticker on his chest.

    The sticker was bright orange - like a hunting jacket.

    "I'm a little concerned that Dick Cheney is going to walk in," he quipped.


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  2. what would have happend if he would have killed the lawyer.
  3. how do you mistake a person for a quail? haha stupid cheney....

  4. That would've been great.
  5. would he have been arrested
  6. Of course not, if he killed the guy nobody ever would have found out about it.
  7. Pretty insane but I think your right
  8. I don't. I may be naive, but I really don't think you would get a whole group of more or less random people - Cheney had never met the guy before - to cover up a death. They probably would have had to skew it as best they could, but we would have heard about it.

    I'd actually be interested in how that would turn out - I suspect he'd resign and work out a deal and go back to making money elsewhere.

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