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  1. I never heard of the word until a couple months ago, but there are websites devoted to people asking who, what, and why. They have been spotted virtually everywhere around the world. But every government is saying they don't exist (like UFOs). This year I've noticed a lot more of them in the Boston area.

    "Chemtrails" are the vapor stream that comes from jets. Usuallly this vapor dissipates quickly in the air, but these "chemtrail" vapors are like streaks across the sky, sometimes intersecting. Sometimes with designs.
    And they are something like sky-writing because they stay in the air for hours. Weird.

    Some people say it is the government protecting us with antibiotics. Others say it is the New World Order trying to kill us off. I'd like to think it's the former, and it does make sense because this way the US Government can spread anthrax and smallpox protections without having to worry about any nasty lawsuits from those who have adverse reactions. Or the asphault roofs that get damaged.
  2. wow.... folks really need to have a thread like this bumped. i'm surprised this is the only one and its from 2002!


    holy crap! ^^^^^^
    took that link from the wikipedia site, incase it gets changed, it says that seventh graders (pre-teens and young teenagers) are being taught about "chemtrails. And geoengineeering their home planet." i gotta wonder... are they also being taught about the old financiers of the nazis who are/control the power elite of america (and also thus the power elites of the rest of the world) and their "social darwinist"* ideals to erradicate the majority of all life on the planet?

    it doesnt take long on youtube these days to learn this is not bullshit.

    i myself had to cut off my long hair to attempt to ridmyself of an infestation of at least three types of critters after cycling through a noticeably noxious "cloud" of the stuff, getting strands of stuff in my face.

    * oh how darwin must be rolling in his grave having his name used for such a term. ... and socialists no doubt have reason to be irked too. last time i checked darwin was in favour of life, and loved it all very much. "social darwinists", most famously some (all?) of the rockerfellas... whom now quite famously have admitted in interviews to major publications they think it's a great idea to put cancer in vaccines and kill of the population, are members of the bilderberg group (as are tony blair, or gordon brown now, hilary clinton, etc etc). if your work takes you close to these people... stay safe, and do what you can to inform the right people... or whatever you can.

    ps here's a clip [about bilderberg, not chamtrails] that they've not removed from youtube yet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qcjk0_wj7Do hurray for dutch tv! :D

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