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Chemical reaction

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Stawager, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. Im Curious if anyone will get what's going on here (right or wrong) chemically regarding the two end results.

    I'm wondering if it's obvious what's going on here? I'll add more info if needed after a couple educated or incorrect guesses. Thanks 20190617_201142.jpg 20190329_192531.jpg

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  2. Making a blend or emulsifying of cannabutter/oil and coconut oil>?
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  3. Yes, I heated 1oz/2 cups oil/4 cups water for 3 hours, then added 2 tablespoons of liquid lethicin.

    I'm guessing I went over the threshold increasing the frosting like substance, maybe just use 1 tbsp next time? I don't know. From experience, both are about the same potency.

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  4. Yeah I hear good things about the properties of coconut oil. Never used it personally, I just go with my butter usually. I'll show you some soon.
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  5. Adding lecithin is the last step after removing water. It does emulsify anything with water as you see. You can add lecithin to the butter/oil when you soften it or melt it for cooking. Just don't use it with water.
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  6. I haven't cooked with it yet but have some ideas in the works (gummy bears), I've just been dosing with a 1/4 teaspoon of straight cocobutter.

    I read that some people think that emulsifying increases potency. Does it increase potency if eating it straight?

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  7. Once you have emulsified by adding the lecithin you cannot unbind the water from the oil. The medicine is in the oil, the waste by products are in the water. Your concoction strength will be watered down by that volume of water, and defeats the purpose of using water to begin with.. I never bother with water in my oil extraction.

    The lecithin acts to enhance bioavailability of the thc and can slow down the initial timing of when the edibles hit you, but it also can provide a longer lasting, deeper high. For some, the lecithin acts as a buffer, or doesn't enhance anything, so they don't use it. For others, lecithin is used as a daily supplement for organ health. I believe it also assists other components from our diets to be more effectively utilized (the compounds our cells need to remain healthy).

    Lecithin is used in products like salad dressings for the exact purpose as exhibited in your photo. It homogenizes disparate compounds.
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