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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TokeThenSmoke, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. I must say I absolutely love this strain. I just grabbed another quarter of it for 50$. I wish I could have gotten pictures when looking at it through the microscope. What do you think.

    Anyone else love chemdog?

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  2. Never had it before but it does look nice.
  3. It truly is a great strain.
  4. I have right now double chem

    Chemdog X chemdog.

    Chemdog will be around forever
  5. Looks like fire I'd smoke it :smoke:
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  6. Chemdog has a special spot in my heart. The first time I had it I was in AZ visiting my dad. It was my sister's bud and we got high as a kite. Good times, gooood times. :smoke:
  7. Just wondered but why do people cross the same strain? Like chemdog x chemdog ?

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  8. This was a chemdog auto that I last harvested. A great smoke with some of the stickiest buds I've ever had

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  9. Which chemdawg? There are multiple iterations of is particularly dank. I love that of my all time fav strains and I'm pretty sure it's 'chemdawg' and not 'chemdog'

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  10. Mine is Chem D.O.G. it's an indica strain of chemdawg and OG Kush. The smell almost reminds me of like a citrus pie of some sort.

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  11. Looks like there is a chemdawg and chemdog. My bad. The one I had was dank. Yours might be the one in that he pic below. Post a pic later if you can homie


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  12. Unfortunately I'm already out of it.
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  13. Looks yummy. Chemdawg is prob one of the best strains out there. Such a wonderful plant to grow with crazy potency. Currently I am just starting a journal of Top Dawgs White D. (The White x Star Dawg) . Nothing beats some solid chem genetics (imo)
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  14. Smoked a spliff with Guavadawg (Guava x Chemdawg), Zombie OG (Black Berry x OG Kush) and G13. Very nice weed :p
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  15. It is man, just strapped a nice spliff right now. Mixed all the strains :p
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  16. I always love anything chemdawg!
  17. Chemdog did bring to life the OG Kush, who couldn't love that beauty of Mother Nature? :) :)
    In Europe we barely see it, like never, but few clubs in barcelona grow it, so I was able to try out some, but I'd love to be able to test out all the subvarieties it has generate!

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