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  1. Bread.

    Why the fuck do we/some people say cheese/bread when refering to money.

    How the hell did that come up.

    I say it, But im 'intoxicated' and well, Im wonderin haha.
  2. Is it just a strange coincidence that two threads were made about cheese within 1 minute of eachother, or is it a sign? I think the cheese is calling out to us!

    Actually I have no idea why people say that. "Dough" either, that's a weird one. Money has a lot of strange names. :p
  3. and cake...dough...i dunno..

  4. I probably would of finished him.. but the first time i tried to preivew my post the link to the image didnt work, so i hit back instead of just editing it.. Had to do it over again, so he won. :smoke: But mines better :rolleyes:

    Good question tho, Probably because bread and cheese are somethin easily stacked?? And maybe something that you may have in bulk aswell? Who knows.
  5. In this world, we have many different names for things that are important.

    Such as beer; booze/bottles/brew/ect..

    And also marijuana, which we allready know most of the nicknames. And there are ALOT.

    So when it comes to money, it is simple as to why there are so many alternate names for it. But cheese? IDK.
  6. I think it's cause your out hustlin to get food on the table for you're family and what not

    so you gettin that cheese and bread to feed, you had to hustle cause u hungry
  7. No.

  8. maybe cheese because it smells funky.

    money smells weird sometimes.
  9. i never say "cheese" when refering to money but i say "bread" alot, its just a habit i guess
  10. ^^ dats what i've allways thouGht
  11. I thought you were talking about Cheese when I opened this thread..

  12. me too, but I know KSR knows better than to fuck with tylenol pm and hayro!!
  13. Its from france, in the 1700's with marie antonitte and king louis, bread was like there money cause thats all they ate or some shit like that. Idk im high as a kite.
  14. I did a search and found:

    "Some terms referred to money's use in purchasing food: bacon (as in bring home), bread, dough"

    As for cheese i couldnt figure it out but its either the same thing or a newer spin off as a result of rappers saying "cheddah"?
  15. I say Feria. I haven't heard any of my homies call it cheese or dough.
  16. wtf is feria? lol
  17. cake? i've heard that for crack but not for money.

    but yeah cheese is a strange word for money.
  18. thats spanish for money, cash...
  19. at first i thought this was about the drug cheese. black tar heroin + tylenol PM or xanax
  20. I would have never thought of making that combination and then giving it a name like "cheese"... Congratulations to that strange, strange person. :p

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