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  1. And on the 7th day the Lord said, "let there be cheese."

    And it was good, fucking good. Food of the gods, clearly.

  2. Which leads one to ask that old philosophical question...What came first, the dairy or the cheese? :p
  3. and then man one up'd that bastard created the grilled cheese sandwich...

    but since it happened in the kitchen it was most likely a woman.
  4. The dairy for sure, he destined cows milk to create the deliciousness after him.
  5. my dog is the most finicky eater in the k-9 community and this morning I put feta cheese in his food this morning and he went apeshit finished it before I left for the train which is unheard of
  6. [​IMG]

    Mmmm... Cheeeeese.
  7. i enjoy mozzarella dipped in syrup.
  8. Blue cheese.
    blue Cheese aranchini, Blue Cheese Sauce.
    Brie or Camembert, breaded and shallow fried served on some crusrty bread with a little bit of cranberry jam.
    I like smoked cheddar toasted cheese sandwiches.
    Cheese is good.
  9. I just smoked a bowl packed with a weed called Blue Cheese, I'm hella baked!
  10. well poke my kidneys with a rusty shank! that is some uber dank right there bro.awesome lookin cheese.

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