CHEESE as a drug?

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  1. Obviously i'm being sarcastic, but I noticed eating big ass pizzas before bed produced a rather enjoyable drowsiness that had a minor euphoric property.

    So I did research, and found out that cheese contains tryptophan, which is apparently an amino acid that induces drowsiness.

    The drowsiness for me was euphoric, mildly of course. It is nice after eating a large pizza all to myself before bed... I think it's a combination of the tryptophan in the cheese and my body working to digest the huge ass pizza.

    Either way i've done it before bed for the last 3 nights and enjoyed it lol, it's no drug but I was literally smiling in bed because it felt pretty good.

    Mabye i'm crazy, but hell, when i'm out of weed and oxies, cheese to the rescue! :hello:
  2. Eat some turkey too. Lots of tryptos.
  3. YES! i always pass out at thanksgiving cuz of that
    ya I heard about turkey, pizza is easier tho :p

  4. And the fact that it's like 5% heroin. The rest being god knows what, but definitely some APAP in there, and probably some baby laxative or something if the H was cut before it was cut again to make cheese.
  5. dude, its the "itis"
  6. Hot sacue makes me feel like im on drugs if I eat a lot of it..=P. The hotttter the better. I get light headed and feel happy.
  7. Just eating a very large meal by itself will make you drowsy.
  8. thats from the capsaicin
  9. The tryptophan drowsiness thing is a myth, do some research...
  10. It's true. The reason people tired out after things like turkey are not because of the tryp but because of their body processing all of the carbs they ingested. A while ago doctors tried using tryptophan as an anesthetic and it failed.
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    maybe not tryptophan alone, but tryptophan increases levels of serotonin, and THAT has been proven to cause relaxation and drowsiness. I have doubts you did any research yourself considering you didn't know that.

    Personally, I can eat a huge steak and feel weak from my body digesting it, but then I go and eat cheese and I feel significantly tired and relaxed.

    Same with turkey probably, I just never eat turkey.

    I did my research, and I had personal experience. I'm curious, where do you get your information that it's a myth?

  12. Cheese contains a low amount of carbs, and I can eat a huge amount of french fries, steak; w/e and not feel the drowsiness and relaxation that comes from cheese.
  13. Haha, eat a large pizza before bed everyday for a month.. See how you feel then.
  14. lol yeah >.>

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