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  1. So i have a cheep fake toro i got for 120 plus a 50 circ a/c. the piece is 2 tree percs 7 and 13. it bubbles a shit ton and equally throughout the percs. would i be better off with a straight roor or illy tube? Is my chinese glass shit.

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  2. I'd hit that...honestly looks great for what you paid, and BTW roor and illy are old news. I'd look into 2011 BC, SYN, Sovereignty, or many others out of the slew of high end companies before I bought a roor.
  3. Ya for prices those seem super solid.

  4. Thanks for the info. I've been out of the game for a few years. Back in Indy I hadn't even heard of a perc.
  5. Sweet pipe nice pickup only thing I have to say is tht the ashcatcher looks a lil janky
  6. I'd just be careful with the joints especially...the fixed stem/joint on the bong itself looks pretty cheaply done, and the joint on the a/c looks VERY janky - neither of them are reinforced.

    as long as the bong isn't a drag monster and you take care of it, there's no reason to drop 300 on a roor or an illy that won't perform nearly as well.

    a/c doesn't look like a circ to me but if you say so, the pic's not that clear. be careful with your water levels in it, if it is a circ then you might get overflow from the a/c into the bong.
  7. As long as you're happy and it hits well.. who gives a flying fuck who made it.. or where it came from

  8. yeah i picked up that a/c from my lhs for ten bucks to keep my bong cleaner while i looked for better one. Ill post pix of the formentioned 50 circ a/c later.
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    There is neer no drag when the water levels are right and i clean it at least 1 or 2 times a week. And that is not the ash catcher i am using now. Here is that.
    I know its dirty.

    and when its clean is nice and polished. the top part of the ash catcher has smoke in it, lol

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  10. looks dope but only time will tell how sturdy it is. MMM vector:smoking:
  11. Odds are not near as much care and time were put in to that glass. Like others say only time will tell. RooR and Illadelph are shit nowadays. Check out sovereignty, 2011bc, SYN, kind creations, 4.0glass, pretty much any of those companies are a bet.
  12. thats a 2011bc a/c, isnt it?

    like I said, just be careful with the fixed stem on the bong and all's golden, you've got a functional 7/13 clone and as long as you're happy with it, no reason to drop money on another bong unless something happens to that one.
  13. your better off with that piece and using the difference you would have spent on a roor, on some good meds. it's a nice looking piece anyways.

    i would love to see how the bubbles stack up tho.
  14. Just got busted for toke'n. What has this world come to?
  15. [quote name='"MowMan"']Just got busted for toke'n. What has this world come to?[/quote]

    Bastards!! My condolences, keep your head up

  16. Oppression, but it has not come to, it has been.

    And nice pickup for that price, the joint would make me a little wary but other then that nice buy.

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