Cheech and Chong on N.J.'s Blazing Trail

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Bucky, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. [ame=]YouTube - Cheech and Chong on N.J.'s Blazing Trail[/ame]

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  2. that wasnt their best interview :l
  3. With all due respect to their comedy routine, these guys are that last thing we need to help legalize. They're terrible at it. If anything, they're helping to only keep it illegal.

    Chong is doing pretty good for 71.
  4. I gotta agree with the above.

    With all due respect to our brothers in MJ (and chong for getting shafted royally) - the legalize MJ movement has moved beyond where you can be of assistance and we need and have available to us educated and articulate professional people, of the Judge Gray caliber, to make logical arguments. You guys may actually cost us votes.
  5. worst interview for them. They were either really tired, really baked or both.
  6. yea they were baked
  7. it's like watching a kitten drink a bowl of cyanide milk.

    don't get me wrong i love cheech and chong, up in smoke was the shit. but all of the people who want to keep mj illegal are gunna eat this up. i couldn't even watch it.
  8. the news anchor was completely confused
  9. I agree with everthing that everyone just said, but you could tell what that bitch's agenda was....subtling hinting about kids....give me a break.
  10. Oh god... they are so baked. They did a horrible job. Get it legal is cool but republicans are going to parade this auround town for years to come.
  11. I have to disagree with some of the people that posted above. Weed is not a bad thing and americans are starting to learn that. Its better then liquear and way better then tobacco. 3 presidents have admitted to smoking weed and I bet you over 20 have smoked weed. These guys understand that it's going to happen and if the goverment wants a fight, they got one in 2010. We won the battle, it's about time until we win the war.

  12. Lol nobody said anything about cannabis being bad, they just said that Cheech & Chong didn't do such a good job advocating.
  13. I would have to agree with most of you, Cheech and Chong are probably not the best advocates for this movement. Sure, they were great actors in their series of movies.. But that may be the reason why they are not meant for the job. They are entertainers, not politicians..

    But then again, I just smoked a nice bowl of Afghan and I'm too lazy to even watch the clip (I'm using my blackberry which does not have 3G!). ;)
  14. Cheech and chong in every way are bad for the cannabis movement.

    The only thing their movies have done is to stereotype "stoners" and make cannabis seem like one big joke. To worsen this, now these clowns are trying to achieve a positive image for the legalization of it .

    They are funny, dont get me wrong, but have no value other than an ability to get camera time. Which they botch up anyways ...:(
  15. Well, maybe they aren't the most articulate people out there, and on top of that they are stoners and comedians :) But hey, they were out there years and years ago pulling their weight and showing the world it didn't lead to heroin or kill you or make you want to kill anyone else. Their movies were about fun, which can certainly be had, and not all of the thousands of other deadly streotypes. Maybe they aren't the best advocates we could get (we'd all rather see Harvard Professors I'm sure) but they are old school and respect worthy. :)
  16. lol

    like anyone at grass city thinks weed is a "bad thing".
  17. If weed can't be legal with Cheech and Chong doing their bit then fuck it, weed doesn't need to be legal. These guys paid their dues along time ago to help us get on this path of legalization that we are on today. The uptight legalization types need to chill. The wave is rolling man, so let it roll both true and free.

    It's all good, baby. Peace.


  18. when are they not baked lol?

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