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  1. I was wondering what everyone here uses to light their bowls with. I just purchased a Bernzomatic butane torch, its like a big black permanent marker size and produces a blue flame that turns my scissors tip red in 5 seconds. I generally just use a bic personally.


    What do you use to light your herb? Obscure methods would be cool, or even great under used methods, or just your plain old every day methods.
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    I definitely came close to picking one up but walmart didn't have any tonight hehe, so the torch it is....for now.

    I gotta admit too, the torch tastes a lot cleaner than the usual bic for some reason, the flame takes under a second to combust a bowl.
  3. :hello::hello::hello:
  4. How much do Hakkos cost? Im somewhat interested in picking one up, as long as theyre not too expensive heh. :p
  5. Check out Frys - 39.99$
  6. purple bics
  7. Hemp rope (don't recall the actual brand name). It leaves almost no taste of butane whatsoever, and it costs about as much as a Bic.
  8. mattc, hahahahah. i have no idea why that picture is so funny but it's perfect. it reminds me of a lightsaber advertisement or something.

  9. lmao i was thinkin the same shit
  10. How much does a Hakko cost?, and i recall in one of hashbean420's vids of a hemp rope coated in bees wax and that seemed to work any idea where to get some of that?
  11. Beeline

    Yea that's a sweet pic

  12. I just use a bic, whatever is coolest at the counter. I used to have that exact Flick My Bic lighter.
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    that butane torch is a bad idea.
    first if you use it on glass it will cause it to brittle prematurely and break easily. second, thc vaporizes at specific temperatures, and when you greatly exceed the temps you can burn away some thc before you ever have a chance to absorb it.
    the only thing that torch is good for is smoking salvia. though i suppose you could just heat up a metal rod with it and use that lol.
  14. word, word.

    i also have I-TAL hemp rope though.
  15. I use DJeeps because they last alot longer than bics and they are only a $1 at this 7 11 right by my house.
  16. I'm not retarded and i keep the flame just barely touching the weed, and when it takes i remove the flame, it's never on the glass, and the flame is only near the bowl for a fraction of a second so it has no effect on the glass. From my personal testing i get just as stoned, there is no loss of thc, you are incorrect on many fronts.

    You heat up glass rods not metal rods.
  17. i usaully dont want to go through the hassle of anything besides a bic
  18. Hell yeah, the copper one is sick. I fucks with em'

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