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Cheeba Chew Deca Dose

Discussion in 'General' started by ZihgZag, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. So I got 2 Cheeba Chews from my buddy, one was a deca dose (2 times the normal THC), one was a regular chew

    The deca dose you have to sign a waiver at the dispensary before you can even purchase it.

    I've heard from a lot of people that cheeba chews will put you on your ass, and I wanted to try one. I've never had success with edibles, and i figured this would be the first time.

    The deca dose is basically 2 cheeba chews in one, and most people advised me not to eat a whole regular one, let alone extra strength.


    So I ended up eating half of that, equal to one whole regular Cheeba Chew.

    About an hour later, instead of being uncontrollably high, I was only getting a minor relaxation feeling, with a slight body high.

    This continued, and didn't really get much stronger throughout the next few hours. It did make me tired though

    So I'm wondering what the fuck I did wrong this time. I eat an edible pretty much garenteed to work, and it doesn't. Now I'm stuck with a half a deca, and a 3/4 regular chew (had to give 1/4 to my buddy), and I'm out $20.

    I was expecting to get blown 3 times out of it, from what I've seen I'm only getting high once, and that's if I eat all of the rest (basically 1 & 3/4 cheeba chews)

    What the fuck is going on? That half a chew should've sent me to the moon
  2. To make it worse I'm going to have the whole house to myself for a week, and I was planning on buying an ounce of shake and making a ton of edibles.

    But from what I just saw, and my past experiances, it seems like I'm just wasting my time.

    I'm not about to drop $80 for something that doesn't work.

    This edible shit is starting to piss me off
  3. Edibles don't work for me either. I've made batches upon batches upon batches and have had friends get sent to the moon on things I've felt nothing on.

    I found zero reason why and only a few scattered people who have the same problem. I just said fuck it and smoke.
  4. Edibles are great, get an ounce of regs, boil it with some oil, bake it with brownies, enjoy lol. Sorry that ceeba chew didnt work out but eating a brownie out of that recipe will wreck you for 4 hours+ lol, my tolerance is high too still worked wonders

  5. I'm thinking it may be this, even though I really hope this isn't the case

    I can't even comprehend something that gets some people high, but it doesn't to others

    I made brownies one time with 5 grams of dank, and it was bunk. Basically a waste of $50.

    But that was probably my fault, not the edible's
  6. I think using an ounce is better but the thc is so low in regs maybe you get better yielding/potent oil from dank but idk, hope edibles work for you one day man they are pretty epic lol
  7. Just ate the other half las night and the whole regular one this morning

    Both had the same effects. So now I'm wondering if it's worth buying the O if the edibles won't even get me high
  8. So what do you reccomend? Still get that half O and try edibles, or just say fuck it and smoke it?
  9. I would get at least an ounce of straight up regs, even nasty ones, long as you can find them cheap-ish. And try making them that way....boil regs with vegetable/cooking oil for long while (can't quite remember but I think I did it for 25 minutes), then strain the regs out and get as much oil as you can, then just follow the regular brownie recipe on the box.

    I dunno man, if that doesn't work you're fucked :p
  10. Well i don't want to waste $80 on something that might not work :/
  11. Yea true....I don't know what to say, you're from Colorado though any chance you could just get a friend to hook you up with some brownies from a dispensary? Like a legit one, I've had very weak dispensary brownies that say "1 gram of medicine" on them....guess just make sure your friend knows the guys behind the counter are legit and not selling weak ass brownies

    Best of luck lol
  12. Well from what I've seen from edibles I'm pretty apprehensive to waste any more money on bunk
  13. ive never gotten too much off of what sent others to the moon either.
  14. Well brownies should be $5-10 not a huge loss and if they work you'll be happy lol

  15. Do you think I just can't get high off eating it?

    Blah i already spent 20 on nothing
  16. eat it with fat or sugar dont you know with edibles if you dont have tht much fat you need to eat it with fat in order to be absorbed also thc is fat soluable thts why it made with butter it makes sense and trust me i feel ya i got a quad dose and ate it with a mcdonalds milkshake you will get so muvch higher like for 8 hrs on a quad dose i feel ya cuz ibought a batch of edibles didnt used to get me high til i eat edible with it
  17. lol i meant til i fat sorry too high
  18. If you want edibles to work better; do a good cleanse. Either fast for a week (yeah right) or buy a good (operative word) cleanse from your local health food store and clean up your diet a little. People who aren't able to properly absorb edibles usually aren't absorbing a lot of other nutrients either! So this should help all the way around.

    Good luck! I LOVE edibles!

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