checking color of trichromes

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ISTANDALONE, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. so i purchased a pocket microscope from Radio Shack last night to scope the trichs. to everyone who uses one of those, how in the hell do you keep the scope and/or nugget steady enough to view? do you clip the nug from the plant and then look at it under the scope? maybe i just don't have a steady enough hand.
  2. I generaly hold the stem of the bud i'm scopeing with one hand and take a look, so yeah a steady hand.. good job getting the scope you will not regreat it, only perfect harvest from now on my friend...
  3. and remember it is best to look under pure white light to be able to truly see the colors. just makes it easier.
  4. Hahaha, dude, I think you and I have the same microscope. When I first used it I was like, WTF!!, this is impossible. By the time I had it focused the scope or bud would move a milimeter and I'd have to refocus it. Over the past couple of days though I've gotten a steadier hand and I've also clipped a few of the small leaves that are covered in trichs off to look at them on a table.
  5. what kayak said. just trim a couple of the small sugar leaves and work on a steady surface.
  6. ^^ that's exactly what i did this morning. clipped a small leaf from each of the main buds on each plant. plus my hand is getting steadier. last night i was NOT FRIED AT ALL so that contributed to my hand not being steady. that microscope is fucking cool! wouldn't it be nice if the trics were as big as they looked under the scope? i'd be brain dead if that was the case, or maybe i'd just have the hella munchies!! thanks for the help guys. i'll try to post pics before i harvest (i can't figure out how to do it)

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