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  1. my fucking dream island right here... id give almost anything to pack up and move tommorow if i had the chance... livin on ibiza would be unreal

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  2. If you had enough X...

    That would be a cool place to live.
  3. Damn thats beautiful

  4. haha if you have enough x, anywhere is a cool place to live
  5. I have no idea wtf i just watched and where the hell is Ibiza
  6. somwhere in europe i think
  7. It's a Spanish Island.
  8. its an island off the coast of spain, apparently its like cancun to european kids and thats where they all go, if you like techno, trance, house music, etc. this place is supposedly like the center of the world for it, they have 4 of the worlds top ten night clubs on one island or something like that and the drugs are straight up plentiful there

    EDIT- oh and by the way, this is the intro for some documentary a guy did while he was there, search "ibizas children" on youtube and you can watch the whole thing, its pretty cool if you got a little bit of time i think its about a half hour long
  9. Ibiza is awesome, thats where my avatar is from. The alcohol is cheap, the hash is pretty good, and the music is wonderful. Here's some more pics for you dreamers.



    Heres a bird that actually hung out with us, got high off our apple bong, then left a bit later.
  10. That is my personal hell.

    I would go postal on an island like that.

    I dig THIS island a bunch


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