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check this s&*t out!! haha

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mIdnite ToKa, May 14, 2010.

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  1. this one time :rolleyes:i got done wit a session i came inside to play some modern... and i stashed my white furball on the lil cap on top of my lava lamp does it get to hot to be dangerous?? or its awsome cause it can actually melt the thc haha...............

    ****ima genuis :wave:
    *** posted on the wrong forum
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  3. Not even the slightest clue what you're going on about.
  4. read it carefully son..
  5. he means....

    i was outside smoking on that good, and i came back inside when i was done to play some modern warfare. but first i had to hide my stash (cuz i live w/ my rents). and i was looking around my room for the top secret spot to hide this bud. i saw my lava lamp, and had an epiphany. i can hide my stash in the cap. but then after i put it there i thought to myself if the heat from the lava lamp would vaporize any of the thc. so i came online to ask for you blades options.

    and me personally wouldn't leave it there when the lamp is on
  6. Very good interpretation. I wouldn't do it either.
  7. HAHA thanks for the help i was toasted last night not evaporate but melt it like wen u cook it for edibles .. get me? i left it all night and it didnt do nuttin o well
  8. Oh, Now I get it.. No. Out of your whole house/yard I'm sure there is a better hiding space then something that is a fire hazard.
  9. i assume you have a ps3 or a xbox360..and assume again that you might possibly have an older system such as a PS2.. game can hide weed in those as long as you don't plug them remove the power cords..most people don't even extra memory slots/expansion bays so your in the good.
  10. Lol dude, I don't know how toasted you were but I read that 4 times, and didn't understand it until the other guy explained it :laughing:
    and no don't put it in the lava lamp :p
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