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  1. So I'm sure you guys have all heard of Anonymous now, but have you heard about "The Plan"?

    You can find out more info at their site: What Is The Plan

    Anyways, they had this Op on July 30th called "Operation Onslaught" where the goal was to get all the people who have joined anonymous to go around their areas and post flyers, stickers, talk to people, etc about Anonymous and "The Plan".

    The results were pretty huge and the site now has over 62,000 members and it's growing by the thousands everyday, literally.

    This is a map created by the people over at the forums and everyone who participated put a marker on the map to show their location and they posted how many flyers, stickers, signs, etc that they posted around and gave out.

    Operation Onslaught - Google Maps

    I think this is pretty cool and people are definitely catching on. It's also good to know now that this is a worldwide thing and this isn't just a bunch of kiddie hackers, but REAL people who go out in the REAL WORLD and they are trying to make a difference.

    As this continues to gain momentum and more people keep joining, there could be some massive protests to come in the near future. "The Plan" has 3 phases and it is going to last 1 year. Phase 1 just started about a month ago so if they have over 62,000 members now, wait and see how many there will be in 6 or 8 months when "The Plan" is in full swing. The 3rd phase should have to with massive organized protests worldwide so if you help to get the word out now, when it comes time for the mass protests there will be more people and our voices will be heard louder.

    Check it out people!

    What Is The Plan?

    Join now!

  2. Well....what is it?
  3. Well I didn't really feel like explaining...just click the link that says "what is the plan" and you will find more details there.

    Basically the first two phases deal with educating the masses about corruption, injustices in the military industrial complex and the banking system, the fed, etc. Then phase three will be about organizing worldwide for like major protests...the size will depend on how well the word gets out. Were hoping there will be thousands though.

    The full details of of phase 2 and 3 have not been disclosed yet, but it's because while the general structure is laid out, there still may be some adjustments to the phases. Also, you don't want people getting ahead of themselves...focusing on a single task at once yields more effective results.
  4. Anonymity destroyed. :p

    I hope something actually comes of this.

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