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  1. I love how he's just spouting off his opinion as fact. He doesn't back shit up, just a bunch of stupid two sentence paragraphs that can be summed up as, I'm an asshat and have no idea what I'm talking about.

    I also like how he's trying to push prescription drugs like there's no ill effects from those at all. They must be miracle drugs in his eyes. What a tool
  2. yeah man, what the fuck haha

    there are so many laughable quotes in that article.

    That one is my favorite :laughing:
  3. I like the fact that all comments on that page are bashing that loser.
  4. Bet he feels stupid now
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    and this gem of a sinking ship comment.

    "Part of the reason we have not had more success ending rampant illicit drug abuse in our nation is the fact that so many states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. Such counterproductive policies are the equivalent of drilling holes in the bottom of your boat while you are frantically trying to bail water."

    good luck with that

    edit: just got a mental image of a bible-thumper bailing water from a rowboat while some "pothead" in scuba gear is giggling while drilling from below.
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    [quote name='"doucheymcgee"'] Don't be taken in. Marijuana is a dangerous drug with countless negative effects. The rush to decriminalization in the name of pain control or mental health cannot be justified.

    Most people who use marijuana to relieve severe pain combine it with stronger pain relievers because marijuana is not effective enough by itself. Furthermore, marijuana's pain-relieving ingredient has been available by prescription for years. A person can purchase Marinol -- right now -- with a doctor's prescription.

    The use of marijuana as a means to improve one's mental health also is not justifiable. People dealing with depression need the regular care of a trained professional. If they require drugs, there are plenty of proven mood-altering ones available that do not introduce as many potential and likely problems as marijuana. [/quote]

    I like these few.

    Give me a break. Basically go to your doctor because they know best and take our drugs because it makes us money and we'd rather be the making money.

    And the part about mood altering drugs. Haha our drugs are better. Im just gonna leave out the part that it makes you more prone to worsening depression and suicide. Don't worry about that
  7. You guys wanna know whats worse?

    People like this are the ones in power. Welcome to 'Merica :wave:
  8. fuck the world

    or atleast people like him
  9. I like all the "If I thought, felt, etc". Personal opinion differs from fact in a big way.
  10. Y'all saw the by-line? Submitted by, "The Baptist Press"....all you need to know right there...

  11. Haha, bro Ive been diving for 2 years. Got that Advanced Open Water certificate, lolol.
  12. This man must be religious... Too bad he is going to hell for lying
  13. I love it when articles like this get published because the comments that people leave give me so much hope for the future of legalization. People just aren't buying the bullshit anymore. Not the bullshit that this guy is trying to spread anyway. ;)
  14. That's got to be one of the best trolling I have ever seen to date.

    Oh wait you say he's serious?

    Sh*t... what a dumba**
  15. I hope he gets cancer.
  16. Toxic chemicals?lol
  17. That guy is a moron, prolly pops oxys he got from his father and uncles.
  18. This guy is entertaining. I think even most people against marijuana would find this article a bit dated (in that its just like old government propaganda, that has no basis in reality). Show me the carfax buddy
  19. In all of the comments, there is one person supporting the article... Lets quote said person.

    "As a pharmacist with a postgraduate degree I would appreciate your further input for my professional evaluation. Short of that, I would encourage other readers to dismiss what you might have wanted to believe. In short, Mr. Duke is correct.


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