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Check out this texas purple kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by samy109, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. just got some DANK purple kush from my guy, got 2.5 for 40. He said he paid extra for it, and that it was an extremely good smoke, very high quality purp, maybe the best dank i've had in awhile. I thought shit, I should get some and see what's up. He comes up(Delivering) and you can tell he is WRECKED as fuck. Then I knew I was in for a ride. Pics:
    This shit is so authentic... Smells like genuine purple kush, like old grapes/raisins. Tastes like that very clean strong dank flavor, along with a grape overtone. It's absolutely delicious and very thick and flavorful smoke! I was blowing huge thick bongrips left and right... this is a true pleasure to smoke.
    It's about a 5 minutes creeper, and when it sets in you KNOW you just got good purple kush. You're instantly very relaxed and a bit tired, as it has an immediate sedative/relaxation effect. This is some extremely good bud, and perfect because it has a very clear functional buzz. Lazy, but still functional and active. Really helps you relax.
    What do you guys think? :) If you're from texas feel free to post pickups! Love to see what you guys got!

  2. It looks beautiful 
  3. Very nice. I had sum shit when I was 17-18 got hooked up with sum "Baby Dro" and I got it for 60 for an oz. Dealer was feelin' guuud that night. Dankest fuckin' Purple buds I had consumed at that time and was some great creeper too.  :hello:

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