Check out this massive bubbler

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  1. Okay so my buddy called me to blaze and said he would have this ridiculous bubbler to show me for a crazy price, originally $230 BUT the shop owner said if you have $100 cash tommorrow its yours.

    showed up to my place with this

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  2. Haha that's pretty epic man!
  3. my friend had a spoon like that, it was as big as my arm. im gonna tell you right now you WILL NOT enjoy smoking it. the smoke gets stale almost instantly and you won't be able to clear it. its just a big waste of weed

    EDIT: i do realize thats a bubbler, and its gonna be exactly the same
  4. Dam thats fuckin insane
    Better be careful to not drop that

    Do you clear it like a bong?
  5. Personally I'm not too sure what stale smoke is? That bub doesn't look like it'd be any worse than a large bong. I've had friends almost throw up trying to clear a "stale" hit but I'll finish up the same hit and it's just fine, maybe it's just in your head?
  6. naw, its not in my head. the smoke from that pipe will taste nasty and thats a fact
  7. someone ban this dude, all he does is advertise his site and encourage people to buy itza...from him.

    and stale smoke is not in your head, it's when the smoke has been exposed to too much oxygen (not cleared fast enough) and goes to tasting more like secondhand smoke, or the smoke from the very last hit of a cigarette instead of the smooth, yummy taste of cannabis
  8. i have the same amp. Line 6 makes quality noise
  9. Glassgenius, took the words as well as the smoke out of my mouth lol. thats stale EXACTLY.

    Big Green, yea sadly its my buddies, thats the Line 6 Spyder. play anything imaginable.

    And yes we do pretty much clear it like inhaling from a 3 foot bong.

    Light. Inhale, Inhale, Inhale, Inhale. Cover with hand, exhale to prep your lungs. then you just take one be INHALE and you have cleared it and your throughtly fucked. We all named it Here It Comes, because its just all at once and your messed till the next time it comes to your turn
  10. light, inhale, snap, slide, exhale.
  11. Get one person to take a massive rip and quickly pass the rest around to mates before it goes stale? Looks mad tho

  12. Nah, you're just a pot snob. There is no such thing as "stale smoke."

    And wtf, the taste of the smoke? Are you serious? It's smoke for christ's sake.

  13. actually there is ;)
  14. stale smoke is very real.

    whether or not you will have to worry about it with your bub there is another debate

  15. LOL. Stale smoke is pretty much an oxymoron. And even if there was such a thing as "stale smoke" who would give a fuck if their smoke was "stale"?

    Hahahahaha this makes me laugh.

  16. there IS stale smoke.

    i challenge you to milk and clear a bong in one breath, and then milk a bong, take your mouth off it for about 10 seconds, then clear it.

    report back the difference :wave:

    also if your smoke doesn't taste like anything, or tastes shitty, then you need to invest in better weed.
  17. That is epic I wish I had one :p
  18. Trust me, load up your bong with smoke. let it sit for like 30 seconds then try and hit it.
    It gives you a really bad coughing fit and is not very fun
  19. looks like paper navigator, YOU are the noob here.

    You obviously must smoke some janky ass mids, cuz marijuana smoke should have a very clear flavor to it when inhaling.
  20. as sick as the bubbler is, if your friend is interested in getting a nice bubbler and is willing to deal out that kind of cash he should check out a multi chamber bubbler instead. I am good friends with the owner of my headshop and he gave me a 250$ 5 chamber bubb for 100$, I would recomend your friend look into something similar, sooo worth it.

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