Check out this BS Al Jazeera pulled

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    At around 1:50 u can clearly see her giving the thumbs up to the guy who threw the FAKE tear gas grenade. The funny thing is she even had the nerve to say its not fake lol the nerve of some people. Anyway check it out for ure self keep in mind this isnt the first time al jazeera has been caught rigging the news. I cant believe anyone buy this bullsh!t this so called news network shovels at them.

    [ame=]YouTube - Israeli soldiers fire on Al Jazeera correspondent - 04 Sep 09[/ame]
  2. Maybe fake maybe not. The point she's making still stands, The Israeli government and military are guilty of crimes against humanity, nothing less.
  3. what the fuck are you talking about? ever thought she make be signalling to he production team that she is alright?
  4. lol you guys are really brainwashed you are even making up excuses for this clearly fake event. Does it make you feel good defending distorted news ? Do you feel enlightened ? Do you feel special ? Well good luck to you with that.
  5. She didn't say it's not fake either. She said "It's not fatal".

    I'd trust Al Jazeera over any of the American MSM any day.
  6. What's your angle, Prez? Clearly you're seeing (and hearing) only what you want to.
  7. these. grow up.
  8. I suppose you think Al Jazeera are some sort of Al Qaeda linked terrorist news organisation or something? Intent on the spreading of misinformation to aid in the destruction of us infidels?
  9. [​IMG]

    Why is this exactly?

    If they are, then the Palestinians are guilty of much worse. They indoctrinate their children with racial hatred, violence and bomb making. They send kids and woman to blow up innocent people in markets. They support terrorist organizations that constantly bombard Israel with rocket artillery.
  10. When you live in what's essentially a concentration camp what other choice do you have? The guilt of anny deaths lie with the oppressor, which is clearly Israel.
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    I'll tell you my angle is. Truth. Nothing pisses me off more than a news org distorting the news. Plus this was clearly a attempt to make the israeli soldiers look as bad as possible because with modern camera technology they could have been much farther away from the fighting between the terrorist and the soldiers and still got the shots they needed for the story by zooming in etc...

    The guilty party is the surronding arab countries that dont let those palestinians live in their countries because palestine was most of the middle east it took up most of jordan syria lebanon and iraq and Israel. How many protests do you see for jordan or syria to give back the land to the palestinians ? They are singling out Israel for the simple fact that Israel is a Jewish state not a muslim state like the other countries created from palestine back at the start of the 20th century. Israel makes up less than 1% of palastine's land but because of the clever spin they put on the story they got fools like yourself believing Israel is palestine. You want me to take your side on the issue then start demanding that jordan be dissolved as a state and renamed to palestine because that country has far more land than Israel and was almost entirely part of the original palestine. Until you start making a fair arguement for all parties involved dont expect me or any other logic minded person to even begin to accept that Israel is the problem because clearly u are unfairly targeting Israel when it ended up with the smallest amount of land out of all the countries created from the original palestine.
  12. The walls and fences went up to defend against suicide bombers that struck after Israel pulled out of the west bank, in a gesture of peace....

  13. I think they're less biased than most other news organisations. That doesn't mean to say I don't think they pander to those with particular political ideologies; they just seem to do it less often. No major news organisation is without bias.

    Best thing: multiple sources.
  14. Israel sucks so hard, why wouldn't the IDF fire tear gas at journalists? They're told to shoot anything that moves... How many journalists have they kidnapped, detained, assaulted over the years? They won't even let Noam Chomsky in their country because he makes fun of them.

    I don't think this video is fake.

  15. That video does not look fake to me..
    She appears to be giving the thumbs up to the camera to let the interviewer in the studio know that she is ok not the Israeli's..

    Your bias prevents you from seeing this..
  16. What does she expect, just standing there holding an RPG out in the open? :D

    Could be fake, but so could everything else you see on TV.
  17. idk man maybe its just me but that looked totally staged

    "they're throwing straight at us! from that direction!"

    ..but im gonna look over here in the complete opposite direction while they're throwing shit at us for some reason
  18. She was giving a thumbs-up when someone asked her if she was okay. That's why, a few seconds later, she asks the camerawoman "what??" and then proceeds to answer the same question that was asked to her a few seconds earlier, which she didn't hear because she was telling someone that she was okay.

    Also, she didn't say "it's not fake", so I don't know why you're making these two things up.

    Could you give us some other examples where they have been caught rigging the news?

    Interim Agreement on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Is that what you are talking about?

    Bil'in - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Egypt - The June 1967 War

    Some interesting stuff. Looks like everyone on both sides is super angsty, who knows what started it all? We might be a few thousand years late in understanding what triggered all of this hatred and violence, it all just seems like a ping pong game now.
  19. I think you are letting your imagination get the better of you.
  20. Yeea that video didn't convince me that it was fake, I guess you saw something I didn't or know something that I don't.

    I think Vitamin covered it pretty good. I wanna see other examples too

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