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    Some shameless self promotion.
    Check out my band's demo EP. We're going to start a full-length in the fall, do it in a proper studio.

    Comments? Criticisms? All welcome.

    Here ya go.

    It's sort of post-rock, but I guess that's not a very descriptive genre.
  2. tell me what kind of music it is and then maybe i'll dig it

    i dont want no hardcore shit or somethin
  3. Def not hardcore haha.
    It's... I don't know. Post-rock I guess, but that's a pretty meaningless term.
  4. yeah alright that aint terrible, i'll check it out
  5. yknow it aint too bad man :smoke:

    im diggin em

  6. Thanks man.
  7. There should be a shameless promotion thread.

    Id be all up in there.
  8. Did mine work on you?
  9. Pretty good man I'm feeling the sound, but for a little constructive criticism I'd say to work on the lyrics some. :smoking:

  10. Haha, the lyrics in this EP were essentially made up by our singer as he went along. Thanks for the feedback!

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