Check Out These Papers

Discussion in 'General' started by TheJoyofToking, May 4, 2011.

  1. I was browsing around looking at papers and saw these.
    What do you think Blades? :smoke:

  2. Hahah those are actually really clever.

    Where could I buy some? :smoke:
  3. Discreet.

    But fuck being discreet, let the whole world know:
  4. You would probably have to be one hell of a roller, or a machine to actually get those to look like real cigarettes..

    And what happens when you get to the filter part? You pretend that youre smoking a cig filter? Haha.

    I like the papes I got, they have little confederate flags on them..
  5. Yea i remember hearing people calling those "Agents" for Secret Agent.

    My friend used my roller to make cigs but with bud. had filter and everything. So if you were to smoke it no one could tell it was a undercover joint.
  6. Those are legit...I would pick em up ASAP
  7. I don't get it.

    How does the brown part work? If you rolled it up as it is; the brown would be all down one side of the joint, right? You'd have to cut the brown part back and roll it around the joint after it was rolled?


    I was rolling up a joint the other day in my roller, it came out perfect looked just like a cigarette, and I was thinking why no one has made these kind of papers before. I'll be buying some :D
  9. I think you would just fold it so that when you rolled it the "filter" part would be on one end of the joint..

  10. If only I could rep you again. :smoke:

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