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Check out my pride and joy! 4 weeks flower !

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by FYL, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. 4 weeks flowering

    some weird strain
    it started to auto-flower under 24/0
    but its just as tall as my others ? its weird.


    3/5/2010 - sprouted
    3/18/2010 - started to see flowers
    4/6/2010 - HAD to switch to 12/12, due to the other 3 non autos
    4/23/2010 - looking fucking good imo. but i dont know much

    PICTURE FROM EXACTLY 1 MONTH AGO (around 20-ish days old?) :



    TODAY :




    i got some nice micro-type pics if anyones interested in close-up porn ect
  2. i just realized, all that bud growth showed up in a months time.
  3. Helllll yea! fuckin' tasty buds! +rep

  4. thanks alot :]
  5. Bump because they look beautiful
  6. Do u know what strains they are? The skinny budding one looks like an Alask ice :ey:

    Whatever they are, they look great, bravo!! :hello:

    If you see pistils in the veg room, it doesn't mean it has begun flowering. I often veg for a full 8 weeks. On occasion, a few will stay in there longer and they tend to mature (show sex)

    Not the same as flowering though,...but looks exactly the same (pistils showing) She will continue to put out pairs of pistils at the nodes but bud building won't begin till you flip the lights. (unlike an auto)
  7. the one budding already is the autoflowering plant.
    it was supposed to be Afghan Kush from attitude, they got it mixed up i guess? or i got a mutant !

    all have been on 12/12 for a week or two
    all of them are showing actual budsites from the top

    the strains are :

    Afghan Kush (World Of Seeds Landrace collection, attitude)
    Black Diesel (Advanced Seeds, attitude)
    Kaya 47 (Advanced Seeds, attitude)
    Kings Kush (Greenhouse seeds, attitude freebie awhile back)

    from left to right in the picture below :
    Kaya47, Afghan Kush(doubt its afghan kush if it started autoflowering), Kings kush, Black Diesel

  8. Well, whatever they are, they are being treated very well ;) Excellent looking specimens ;)
  9. looking good my plant is 4 weeks into bud too. Take a look and let me know wat you think
  10. dude nice shit and had some kings kush man your going to love that shit
  11. What kind of fertilizer/ nutes do you use?
  12. +rep... Those girls are gonna be blazin' once done... What kind of light do you have those babies under?
  13. what's your light setup?

    And i agree..kings kush IS awesomeness.

    I gave my freebie to a real good friend of mine, and we both loved it

    he even had some purp in it.

    Kings kush = a strain only a king would really smoke:p:smoking:

  14. well it started with a 400w MH, then 2 weeks in, i switched to a 400w hps, no MH .. then about 2 weeks after that, i put em under 12/12 to flower .

    i didnt know id have a autoflowering plant, so i didnt plan on a different light schedule or anything.
    the autoflowering one is under 12/12 also.

    im starting to feed them 15-30-15 nutes
    just some store bought type shit, i couldnt get to a hydro store to get A+ nutes and A+ soil, i went with what i had, ya digg?
  15. bbumppp
  16. Lookin good man!!!! for four weeks in. I am one week behind yah so it will be interesting if mine can compare;););)

  17. just re-did the math today

    52 days total growth
    37 days of flowering


    but at the time of the pics, 4 weeks . it was real close + a day or - a day.

  18. Man u have some bomb ass plantsss.. I'm tryin to grow next week.where. did u get ur nutes and soil from and also what does 15-30-15 mean?

  19. this

    the soil is some random shit from walmart/home depot ..
    just regular soil, not miracle grow, nothing like that.

    mixed my regular soil with some perlite for drainage

    i feed it some walmart/home depot type ferts, 15-30-15
  20. Those are some lovely looking plants you have there, hope mine are that healthy in a fdew months! Please update us with pictures over the next few weeks!

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