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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mr.EyezLayLow, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. This Plant is 2 weeks old now and doing pretty well. Tell Me what you think Please and let me know if i need to do anything different

    Thank You

    Shades 016.jpg

    Shades 017.jpg

    Shades 018.jpg

    Shades 019.jpg
  2. Im trying to start growing. What did you do in order to get your plant growing. Like what did you buy and how many seeds are you using? Im really clueless to the process.
  3. This is just a bag seed...... i didn't germinate it, just put it the soil with a lot of water. i am using 2 10w Enviorlight CFls
    im using miracle grow soil
    24/7 light
    i water only when the soil gets dry
    and in the mornings i set it by an open window that gets plenty of sun and i let it sit there for a couple of hours

    anything else you want to know just ask
  4. You're plant wont survive under those lights or in that soil for much longer. You need to get it under at least 100 watts of cfl, and in some organic potting soil, keep us posted.

  5. yea i know
    im gonna wait for another week before i re-pot it
    and i still have to get a bigger CFL
  6. How long until i can tell the sex???
  7. A month or so vegging or couple weeks 12/12.
  8. im thinking about starting to vegg in about a week
    would that work???
  9. Dude you are in veg?
  10. oh shit lol my bad
    im pretty blowed off some durban

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