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  1. This Plant Is 1 Week Old & I Need Someone To Let Me Know If Its Healthy..&..I'm Worried About The Stem, It Looks Kind Of Wimpy!!! Get I Get Some Feed Back Please??

    Shades 012.jpg

    Shades 013.jpg

  2. It looks fine to me but your soil looks a bit dry. a good way to strengthen the stem is to put a breeze on it like a fan. but over all it looks damn good
  3. I think it looks good too, but maybe lower the light a bit so it isnt stretching so far to get to it. If you cant lower the light than raise the plant. But it looks great:smoke:

    How often are you watering it?? And if you cant put a fan near it, than everyday you can lightly move it to simulate a breeze, this will strengthen it alot.

    Good luck!
  4. well the thing is i have a small fan on it 24/7
    and i water about every 3 days because it drys a little fast ( i think because of the fan)
    and i have a CFL about a half inch above just seems like it wants to grow up

  5. What he said. What kind of light do you have on it and how far away is it?
  6. im using a cool white fluoro 60 watt
    and its a half inch above the top...... but its not really stretching its been that tall for about 3 days now and hasn't really got taller which is good, and the leaves are exploding like i've never seen before....its only a week old yesterday
  7. Looks like I was a few minutes late on my first post.

    Yeah your good. it looks healthy. keep the light at that height and everything should be good.
  8. do you have just one cfl on it or two, me i would try to find like a balcony or somewhere kinda private near the house and set it outside for a couple hours a day to really boost it up. also i like to give my stem a little squeeze not to much just a little cause a good growing stem should be some what hard once you get your second set of true leaves.also a good sign is to look near the catelydon/embryotic leaves where the true leafs poke out and see if it is stretching apart. both are great signs of good stem growth.
  9. By the sounds of it, the stretching is from a weak light intensity.

    I ran an experiement once with a 24W full spectrum fluro that I have designated for cloning. I tried using it to start a few seeds once and they all stretched like crazy even though I had the light distanced about a 1/2 inch from the top.

    There are a few methods for strength training. Have a breeze like Josh pointed out, tie the top of the plant down to bend the stem, or take your fingers and bend it back one way; a few days later after it recovers bend it the other way and repeat the process over and over again.

    The safest way is to just use a breeze... and next time use a stronger light.

  10. considering you have it in a styrofoam cup im assuming your going to transplant. so what you could do is just bury it a little bit more up the stem, root will develop from the covered area and you'll have a firmer root base. but i would really suggest getting a better lighting system sometimes putting it on a window seal is ten times better then a CFL but the plants tend to bend toward the window so i would suggest getting some envirolights from anywhere and setting up a scheme as in the book buds for less by see more buds.


    I know This isn't my thread but how do you think my looks i know it's stretched alittle but its a mystery seed so i know nothing of it's genes but it seems to be a 40% sativa 60% indica its on its 30th day also eyez this was done by using a Envirolight setup i have now started it on a 12/12 cycle a couple days ago the stem broke in half cause someone through a blanket over it so i tyed it up using yarn and a pencil i would say this was grown in one of the worst possible condition (Thank god for miracle gro:D)
  11. thans guys
    were can i get enviorlights from though.... i havnt seen any of them around were i live
    and yea i did what you said and transplanted it a little deeper because thats makes sense
  12. my advise is to just let it get a little bigger before you start worrying about it. at this point you really dont know if theres anything wrong with it because some seeds just grow better at the start than others.
  13. there the little curly flourescent ones if you have a wallgreens or a dollar store near by most hardware stores have them as well
  14. Yea thats the kind of CFL im using right now
  15. Your growing stem.

    MrEyez - Keep doing what your doing.

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