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  1. Here's the first two rough mixes of the beats I've finished. Take a listen, you might like 'em. I'm open to any constructive criticism, because you gotta give the people what they want. If you like my shit subscribe to my youtube or this because I have more in the works. Including more rock style songssssssssssssss...

    This is Universe A, it's a little generic but I think it's a decent start. Beats were produced with MIDI, a small bass sample and FL Studio.

    YouTube - Universe A

    Spring Time Soundtrack was also produced with MIDI a small unoticeable sample from an Eydea and Abilities song. All guitar tracks were recorded live by me on my guitar with my four track. Sort of 80s style.

    YouTube - Spring Time Soundtrack

    Sorry I can't just embed the youtube embedding doesn't work for me on Grasscity. Any advice on fixing that would be cool too.


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