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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by NaughtyDread, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. here's my girl. looks as if shes eating up the bottom growth. and the leaves look a little droopy. im guessing, she wants more space. i know this 1 gallon isnt going to work and shes telling me. ill guess ill step up to a 2 tomorrow. she only has a month and half left to flower. im trying to guess what the final harvest is going to be. probably less than a quad.

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  2. the droop started yesterday. its been extremely hot also.

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  3. nah its not overwatered, just watered before the pic. its just drooping, thats what happened with my indoor. i dont think i can go 3 on this one even though i would like to. unless, now that im flowering, i dont have to keep it in completely darkness. if i have to then my dark space isnt big enough. i really dont want to black bag them in my backyard. just to harsh to the landscape ya know? ;) what do you suggest 420?
  4. well since you plant is so close to harvest a 2 gallon should do. But if you had the plant in a two gallon to start with i bet it would be bigger and ready for a 5. Bigger the better!
  5. yeah that is true, i was never expecting anything huge out of this, its really was a practice run for my next year outdoor, needless to say, im still happy :) the 2 will have to do unfortunately, im using and abandonded dryer for my dark space, so a big pot is going to have problems fitting into that space.
  6. yeah definetly need to repot, i think i have a ph problem, everything is perky, but looks drawn in. i need to hurry and address the issue. i guess ill go get a pot!
  7. The plant in the pics look awful small to be flowering. As you state this is only a practice grow'so it isn't a total loss. But ,and it's a big but, if I were you I would definately transplant into 3 gal. or more pots. Also put a 1 or 2 inch layer of rocks on the bottom of your pot. Use or try to use the same type of soil you used in the 1 gal pots. When you get your plant out of the pot try and loosen it up so as to give it more air.Then carefully transplant to the bigger pots. Give them an application of nitrogen strong fert like an 8 7 6 to get them started in the right direction. Resume normal watering and then revert to a bloom fert. One that is higher in the phosphorous and potassium end,like a 15 30 15 at least. Dont fert for the last week or your weed will taste like the fert and you don't want that. Give that plant lots of water and a bigger pot and I know you can get at least 4 times as much as you are going to get now. Good Luck.... Peace!!!!
  8. Dont transplant her she will do fine in that pot. You know its rootbound when it looks like its N deffecient and the leavesa at the bottom are turning yellow then get brown dead spots. Your plant looks like its doing well besides the lack of water from the heat (mine are doing the same). If you transplant now she will flower even later, i did this to one of my plants one week before flower and it delayed its flower by 2 weeks.
  9. shes a small one alrite. i planted late and flowered middle of august, for the simple fact that it gets chilly here in nov. didnt know how it would do especially with the weather being all fucked up this year.

    i didnt expect much so im not disappointed with what i have. besides the prize is the indoor gro, and this was a test run for when i really take it outdoors next year.

    okay an update. shes looking quite sad, all the leaves were curled under. so last night i replanted into a 2.. while doing that i accidently broke one of them stems. its still connected to the main stalk, and ive tried reconnecting. ill doubt itll take since i didnt notice till this morning.

    i guess time will tell. however, this morning i did notice that it seems the topmost leaf where the buds are at have resumed growth with normal looking leaves, so hopefully everythings all good.

    oh yeah Potheadpete, if i didnt have her all tied up and crazy looking, shed be close to 2 feet tall.

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