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Cheapest oz in denver?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Deleted member 917181, May 10, 2016.

  1. I just want to know if anyone knows of any good deals on oz right now from dispensaries I heard of some 99 dollar ozs but that seems a little cheap to me
  2. Better to find connect in town medical states you can find 125 to 140 dollor ounce that will blow your head off better then those turn and burn packs not ever thing in dispensaries are fire.

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  3. I actually have a dispensary that has 99 dollar ounces paid 121 total it's a blackberry and blueberry cross 18 percent thca
  4. Here's a pic little too indica for me though good sleeping strain if you smoke/vape enough lol
  5. Not bad I have not seen in dispensaries here in Oregon 99 dollor zips here but I have heard them in Denver . One store got top shelf buy eighth get a eighth free on sundays . Due you guys got taxes on medical or only recreational?

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  6. Med is still taxed but not nearly as much as rec plus if you have a card then it's crazy I've seen like 50 dollar med ounces once in a while or veterans could get an ounce for a penny on vets day which is really cool I think
  7. Oregon not taxed for med but on rec there is. I am jelly other states got no cap on thc % . I had friend get me some edibles from California they were 400 MG Gummi I think highest I seen here is 200 MG but you have to eat the whole chocolate bar.

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