Cheapest lighting possible?

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  1. first off.... mirrors are a pretty bad way to go as they actually absorb more light than they reflect...

    if you have a plant or two i'd suggest rigging together a bunch of cfl bulbs 42 watters are good and covering the grow area in a white paint or wrap it in mylar

    if youre going for a bigger operation the you could do leds (expensive, not very well documented) HPS or MH (draw more power, proven results, possible heat issues,) or t5 (low heat, mid priced, large unit)
  2. if your walls are white then your better off leaving them plain then adding mirrors.... general rule of thumb when using cfls is 100 watts for first plant 50 watts for every plant you add after the first one.... of course more lights wont do anything but give you a bigger plant and a better yield
  3. depends on how cold.... id suggest you stay in the 75-84 farenheit range... there are some straings that are more adapted to colder weather but i have no experience with any of them... look up some ruderalis hybrids... they might be wht youre looking for
  4. they will grow a little slower but it really depends on ow cold the enviroment is, as marijuana was primarily a tropical plant. it would helpif you laid out a little bit on what you plant to do.

    your best bet is probably to go to Home Depot or other similar store and buy CFL bulbs. youll want Daylight color spectrum for veg and warm white for flower. most of these bulbs will run you under $10

    regular incandescent bulbs wont really get you anywhere except light fluffy dissapointing buds
  5. very little as CFL bulbs are quickly becoming prefered over regular lightbulbs as they produce more light while useing less electricity. four 42w bulbs wouldnt even be noticiable on your bill or roughly .168kw/h which is far less than your tv or toaster or microwave or computer
  6. So he asks for the cheapest option, and you tell him to go for the most expensive?
  7. um no actually i was helping him weigh his options out and maybe learn something... i thought that was the purpose of this website... perhaps im wrong? is its purpose to criticize other peoples responses when you havent contributed to this topic at all? in that case you my friend have it right
  8. to be honest with you bro id suggest going with 2 bulbs or more... remember more light is only going to help... this strain seems pretty good... ive only ordered from attitude seed bank and i know they have some good beginner strains (easy to grow) but once you get this operation up and running start a journal so we can follow and you can get advice if u run into anything
  9. not at all... if i can help i certainly will...
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    I wouldn't say 'wrong', I'd lean towards the word 'butthurt'... When someone points out something inconsequential in your post, and makes fun of it, it's generally a que that it should be taken lightly. (Especially on this forum)

    That being said, for the original poster, I would suggest going with CFL's, probably a few (4-8) low (23-42) watt bulbs. Keeps heat down, and they're fairly cheap, with low electricity bills.
  11. Just purchased a 4-pack of 100 watt equiv CFL's for about 8 bucks. Sounds pretty cheap to me.

    Found clip lamps w/ reflectors at Big Lots for $5.50 each.
  12. Ignore equivalent watts. You need to look only at real watts. And you need 100 real watts of cfl to grow a happy plant.
  13. Still not much. They're CFL's, so the whole point behind them was less power consumption. Get a meter for them if you want, and it'll tell you how much they're costing you.
  14. For grows under 250watts, CFL is definitely your best choice. They are low power consumption compared to a regular bulb and produce much more light. very efficient. If you want to keep the bill down, change all the rest of the lights in your house to CFL too. You might end up saving more money on retrofitting the house than your grow operation ends up costing you, in which case your power bill for the house would go down:D

    Check out the link in my signature. I compare efficiencies for HPS, MH, CFL and T5HO...


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