Cheapest Grow Op You've Ever Seen.

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  1. So I'm still living with my parents until I finish school in June. I want to get a nice knowledge of growing so once I move out, I'll have everything I need to know to start growing. I want to start my first op as cheap as possible to get a feel and than after like 2 or 3 of moderately cheap grows maybe I'll really get a grow room.

    Anyways what is the most ghetto indoor grow op you've seen other than no conditioning at all.
  2. Cfl, rubbermaid tote lol and large pc fans and box painted with white paint. You need to worry about light penetration ventalation how many plants you want and what you expect from your plants. check out the micro grow subforum

  3. Thanks man, sound like I can grow now! Didn't even know about the micro grow section! Thanks
  4. Marijuana plants like tons of pop and soap in the soil
  5. Closet with Cfls hangin from the rack and a box fan :p no reflective shit when you hit flowering you may want better conditions, but in veg they need very little actually.
  6. I actually stumbled upon a book called "Marijuana: Buds For Less". It's a book that shows you can get up to 8OZ with less than a 100$ grow investment. Anyone ever use this book?
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    I've read it, It uses tons CFL's and CFL Reflectors to grow a plant or two very short, and flower it in a corner of a room. You still have to take into consideration smell and such.

    Edit: They go day by day so you can follow it, and by all means produce some bud for under $100 but your environment has to be the right temp already and smell from one plant can not be an issue, else you would have to spend more.
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    The books called "Grow 8 oz's of bud for under 100$" by SEEMOREBUDZ.The best $18 bucks youll ever spend.

    Shows you a day by day grow.Watering,feeding everything,and the guy is amazing to say the least.6-8 CFL's,and gets 8 oz's

    I did have a link to a free version,but I cant post it here,and I deleted it awhile back.
  9. copy this into google:

    grow 8 oz of bud for under $100

    3rd one down that says PDF.Free book there.

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