cheaper ways to fix a daddy deluxe vape.

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by mumma420, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. hey everyone. new to this site. my boyfriend suggested i look online for suggestions.

    k so i got a vapor daddy deluxe for free because a friend broke a bong i had for many years. my question is, because my tube has a lot of rez in it, am i able to just buy a new tubing at a hardware store(heat up the ends to put it over the glass, i know you can buy the glass pieces on their own.) has anyone done this and did it work. i just dont feel like spending 50$ + on a new tube system.
    Many thanks
  2. it needs to be food grade or some shit
  3. Scrape it? Vape resin is delicious :smoke:
  4. Buy a better vape. You will NOT regret it.

    I know that's not what she asked, but it seems like everybody having problems with their units has one of these cheap fucking rebranded POS box-style vapes. I don't see how/why the fanbase on these things try as hard as they do to defend them.

    Also, you can buy all kinds of tubing at hardware stores, if you want top grade stuff look for Polyurethane.

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