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Cheap Homemade Bong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TrippyHippie420, Jun 6, 2009.

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    Materials- 1 water bottle, 1 sharpie, 1 bic pen, 1 coke can, 1 roll of tape, 1 piece of tin foil, 1 pair of scissors, 1 push-pin, and a lighter.

    1. pull the ink cartrige out of the sharpie.
    2. wash the bottom out throughly.
    3. take the push pen and poke holes all around the bottom off the sharpie to make a diffuser tube.
    4. take the lighter and melt a hole about 3 inches up on the bottle. have the sharpie ready and when there is a small hole in the bottle jam the sharpie and let sit to dry together air tight.
    5.take the scissors and cut the bic pen so that it is shorter than the sharpie.
    6.take the scissors and cut a square out of the coke can.
    7.twist the square into a cone and push it into the bic pen.
    8.tape the cone to the pen well then cut the excess off of the cone so that the bowl is even.
    9.take the tin foil and make a bowl in the coke can bowl then take the push-pin and poke holes for a screen.
    10.fill the bottle with water till to the top of the diffuser holes.
    11.put the bowl into the diffuser tube and load up a bowl.
  2. sounds good, take pictures though!

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