Cheap growing lights

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by J0nthefisherman, May 14, 2011.

  1. Cheap growing lights
    Hey dudes, I'm looking for some cheap lights that will work good enough, I'm just growing some middies and maybe a lil' bit of Chron. What kind of lights should i get? Where could i get them at?
  2. Looking for a PC set up? That would be great for a beginner!

    Best pre-built PC set ups (soil or hydro models) for $300 including shipping man...

    If you're not looking for a PC set up, you could build yourself a grow box...or go to your local hydro store and reason a deal with them. :)
  3. Cfls, you can get them at wall mart, home depot ect. they are the ones that the glass is swirled, The ones you see everyone talking about that save energy. Okay now you are going to want to look at the actual wattage, it will say 100w equivalent but it will say only uses 23w, Now using the low number(the actual wattage) You want 100w for your first plant and 50 watts for every other plant. Good luck man.
  4. Oh, and primus rocks man!

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